Trixie Nail-free Multi-room house 4 rooms for rodents
Nail-free Multi-room house 4 rooms for rodents €17,95 €19,95

Nail-free Multi-room house 4 rooms for rodents

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Product description

Multi-room House with 4 Rooms: A Natural Living Environment for Small Rodents!

The multi-room house has no fewer than 4 rooms and imitates the natural living environment of small rodents! The house is made of untreated natural wood, has an open bottom and a removable roof to allow the owner to peek inside. Thanks to the open bottom, the house ventilates optimally, making it ideal for the animals even on hot days.

This multi-room house is truly special, and here's why:

Natural Untreated Wood: Our house is made of untreated natural wood, which means it is safe for your rodents and contributes to their well-being. The animals can nibble on it safely.
Natural Habitat: In the wild, most rodents live in underground burrows with several rooms and corridors. This multi-room cottage mimics this natural environment, with 4 rooms where your furry friends can sleep, eat and play.
Nail-free: Safety comes first, which is why this house is completely nail-free. It is suitable for various rodents, including Hamsters and Gerbils, so that they feel completely at ease.
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping ! This house is not only a shelter, but also a playground for creative rodents. You can use the flat roof as a platform for extra space or as a stable surface for food and water bowls.

The Multi-room House with 4 Rooms is a true paradise for your small rodents. This house mimics the natural habitat of small rodents, making them feel safe and happy. Made from untreated natural wood, with an open bottom and a removable roof, this house is a great addition to their stay.

In the wild, most rodents live in underground burrows where they have multiple passageways and chambers for different purposes. Most animals have at least a bedroom and a pantry. A multi-room house is very suitable to offer this to the animals in captivity. Animals will feel at ease in such a house and will therefore feel more comfortable in the enclosure.

The multi-room house is easy to assemble thanks to the click system. The flat roof can be used as a plateau or as a stable surface for a food or water bowl.

Give your rodents a home that appeals to their natural instincts and promotes their well-being. The 4-Room Multi-Room House is a simple and fun way to pamper your pets and provide them with an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable.

Resin-free and nail-free for rodents and rabbits

Is the Multi-room House suitable for Hamsterscaping?

Yes for sure! The Multi-room House is very suitable for Hamsterscaping ! Hamsterscaping is mainly about a natural design that is tailored to the natural needs of the animals. One of these needs is the ability to take shelter. As in the wild, the multi-room house gives the animals access to several rooms, where they can, for example, build their nest and store room. In addition, small rodents are prey animals that like to flee and hide. They do this not only when something scares them, but also in general they like to have several hiding places.

❤ TIP ❤
We always think it is very nice to place a piece of dried moss on the roof or plateau, which gives a very beautiful natural look to the house and fits perfectly in a
natural design!

Why a multi-room house for small rodents?

Small rodents such as Mice , Dwarf Hamsters , Hamsters , Gerbils , Rats and Degus . like to build up a food supply close to their nest. In the wild, animals live in burrows and have a special room for the collected food, which we call the pantry. The multi-room houses therefore imitate the natural living environment of the animals and give the rodents the opportunity to use multiple rooms.

For group animals (Mouse, Gerbil, Rat, Degu), the multi-room houses have an additional advantage: they can avoid each other in the event of a disagreement or argument. Although group animals like to be together, disagreements can occasionally occur, causing the animals to find each other's presence less pleasant. Multiple rooms are ideal for these moments and the animals can retreat to their own room.

Why a removable roof?

Thanks to a removable roof you can take a look inside the house without disturbing the nest. You can then check to see if there are older food supplies that need to be removed, fresh vegetables in particular are very perishable. With a removable roof this is done quickly and the small rodents are not disturbed because you do not have to lift the entire house. In addition, the nest can be inspected undisturbed if there are offspring.

What is the advantage of the flat roof?

The flat roof of the House has the advantage that it is a stable place to place a small food or drinking bowl, for example, but it is also a nice place to put down a snack or place the exercise wheel, and in the summer you can a cooling stone should be placed.

Are the openings large enough for the cheek pouches?

Yes, definitely! The Multi-room House has room openings, which are large enough for Dwarf Hamsters (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster) and Hamsters (Syrian Hamster/Golden Hamster) to walk through the opening with full cheek pouches. It is very important that the openings of a house are large enough. If the entrances to a hamster house are too small, the hamster will have to squeeze through. The hammered grains can damage the mucous membranes of the inside of the cheek pouches, which can lead to abscesses of the cheek pouches.

What is the best way to clean the wooden house?

A wooden house can be cleaned in a simple way, depending on the use of the animals. The animals can use the house as a shelter, in which case it will remain fairly clean, but the animals can also use the house as a food supply storage or as a sleeping house and if you are really unlucky also as a toilet , but fortunately that does not happen that way. often. If the animals do leave a puddle, which often happens with mice, we recommend a urine spray . This breaks down the urine of the animals and thus cleans the wood.

Can this multi-room house be used for group animals?

Yes, that is certainly possible! For group animals (Mouse, Gerbil, Degu) we always recommend placing at least one large house in the enclosure where all animals can fit together. Group animals like to be together and often also want to hide and sleep together. By offering the animals at least one large house like this, we meet this important natural need.

Which rodents is the Multi-room House suitable for?

The Multi-room House is a spacious house with several rooms that is suitable as a sleeping or shelter for mice , dwarf hamsters , hamsters , gerbils , rats and degus .

Dimensions (approx): 25 × 25 x 10 cm | 30 x 30 x 12 cm
Openings (approx): ø 6 cm | ø 8 cm
Material: Wood
Open Bottom: Yes
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Degu
Particularities: -
Trixie Nail-free Multi-room house 4 rooms for rodents
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