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Buy Hamster Running Wheels for your Hamster easily at DRD Rodent Shop®, the online Hamster Webshop for all your Hamster supplies. For running wheels for your Hamster you are in the right place in our Hamster webshop. You will find here various types
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Hamster running wheels and running wheels for hamsters

Hamster Running wheels for your Hamster can be ordered easily and quickly at DRD Rodent Shop ® The Hamster Webshop for your Hamster!

For Hamster running wheels for your Hamster you are in the right place in our Hamster webshop . Here you will find different types and brands of running wheels for an attractive price. Ordering is easy and fast in our Hamster webshop.


A hamster needs an exercise wheel. In fact, research has shown that it makes the animals happier and healthier. Hamsters are active animals by nature and want to lose their energy. If they have too little space or too little to do in the cage, they can start to exhibit problem behaviors such as biting, grating or neurotic behavior.


Different running wheels are required for the different hamster types. A running wheel that is good for one hamster can be too small or too big for the other. Below we have listed the different hamster types for convenience and the size of the running wheel they need.

  • Roborovski dwarf hamster
    Young animals 15/17 cm
    Adult animals 17/20 cm
  • Russian dwarf hamster
    Young animals: 17 cm
    Adult animals: 20 cm
  • Campbellie dwarf hamster
    Young animals 17 cm
    Adult animals 20 cm
  • Chinese dwarf hamster
    Young animals: 17 cm
    Adult animals: 20 cm
  • Syrian hamster
    small to 170 grams 27 cm
    large from 170 grams: 30 cm



What is the best material? Wood, Metal, Plastic? For the hamster it often does not matter what material the running wheel is made of, he is happy that he can run! A nice side effect of a wooden running wheel is that the nails wear better than in a metal or plastic running wheel.


It was always a challenge to clean a wooden running wheel, but fortunately that is a thing of the past. There are now two types of cleaning products that can be used to easily clean wooden walking wheels. The first is CSI Urine Spray and the second is the Eco Pets Urine Buster. Both detergents work on an enzyme basis and tackle the bacteria that are in urine. These bacteria provide the well-known urine air. Both sprays remove the bacteria and dirt so that the running wheel is fresh and clean again.


It is not good for all running wheels to rinse them completely under the tap. It is very important that the rotary mechanism (ball bearing) does not get wet. The more often the rotary mechanism is rinsed, the stiffer it becomes and can therefore beep and run stiffer earlier.

We do not recommend washing wooden walkways with water. Wiping with a damp cloth is no problem, but it is not good for the running wheels to wet them completely. The glue can loosen by wetting the running wheel.


A running wheel may become more even over time. For a squeaky wheel, we recommend a drop of olive oil. This can be mounted on the turning mechanism.

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