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At the bottom of this page we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us via the contact form on the right. We like to help you!

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1 General questions
1.1 What should I do if something is missing in my order?

Step 1: Report this to us within 2 days via a email. Take a picture of the packing slip with the name of the person who composed the order visible.
Step 2: Take a photo of the products in the box as you received it.
Step 3: Send an email to our customer service. Please state your order number in the subject of the mail. Tell us in the email which product is missing and add the photos as an attachment.

1.2 What should I do if something is damaged in my order?

We do everything we can to package items as well as possible, but it can happen that an item is still damaged during transport. If that happens, we need the following information for damage settlement at PostNL:

Report this to us within 2 days via a email
a photo of the packing slip showing who has packed your order
a photo of the contents of the box (including packing material, as it arrived)
a photo of the shipping label on the box
A photo of the entire outside of the package. Make sure the shipping label and any exterior damage is clearly visible.
A photo of the opened package, taken from the top. The contents and the inner packaging must be clearly visible.
A photo of all types of inner packaging that you will find in the packaging.
A photo showing the entire damaged article.
A detailed photo of the actual damage of the article.
A photo of the shipping label on the package. The information on the label must be legible.

We are happy to help you on the basis of the above information. A damaged product will be taken back by us for repair or replacement, after which it will be returned in good condition. If a product appears not to be damaged or defective, return costs (NL: € 5.25 / BE: € 10.25) will be charged and the item will be credited.

1.3 What should I do if I have received the wrong product?

Step 1: Report this to us within 2 days via a email. Take a picture of the packing slip with the name of the person who composed the order visible.
Step 2: Take a photo of the products in the box as you received it.
Step 3: Send an email to customer service. State the order number in the title. Explain in the email which product you have received and which product you may be missing.

If you have received a completely different product, we will take back the incorrectly delivered product and send you the correct product. If you have received an equivalent product, we will settle the difference in purchase amount. We assess for each situation what a suitable solution is, looking at reasonableness and fairness.

1.4 What should I do if I have not received my package?

Due to the current corona crisis, it is currently very busy at PostNL. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong. When you have not received your package, it is very annoying. Of course this will always be solved for you, but a procedure must be followed for this. You must take the following steps yourself:

Step 1: Check what is in the Track & Trace, perhaps the package has been delivered to a PostNL point, or the shipment has been delayed. Does the delivery address in the Track & Trace match your address?
Step 2: Ask the nearest neighbors whether the package has been delivered there.
Step 3: Send an email to customer service. State your order number in the subject and explain in the email what the problem is.

We can then start an investigation at PostNL. This investigation can take up to 6 weeks. An inquiry is then made with the relevant driver. The GPS data of the relevant driver is also checked. Hopefully, the package can end up again on the basis of this research. For example, it may be that the package has been delivered to the wrong address. The driver will then correct this error. Another outcome of the investigation may be that the package is classified as missing. In that case, we will receive a recipient's statement from PostNL. This is an official document. We will email it to you. With this document you can officially prove that you have not received the shipment. The recipient's declaration must be completed and signed by hand. You can then email it back to us. Within 7 days of receipt of the statement, we must have it filled out again. If we do not receive a completed statement within these 7 days, the procedure at PostNL will be closed and we assume that the package is correct. We will resend your order to you after receipt of the recipient's statement. Given the duration of the research, we can imagine that there are certain products that you cannot / do not want to wait that long for. You can always place your order again without waiting for the investigation. If your order is still found during the investigation and delivered to you, you must refuse it at the door. The shipment will then be returned to us and credited. We will credit a shipment that is marked as missing if you have placed the order again. This is subject to the condition that we receive the signed recipient statement from you.

1.5 What should I do if I see bugs in the package?

It is of course not the intention that animals travel with you, for more information about this, we would also like to refer you to our blog in which you will find more information about this:

In order to be able to assist you further, we would like to receive the following information within one month of purchase:

    • a clear photo of the critters in the (original closed) packaging
    • a clear picture of the batch code
2 Product related questions
2.1 How do I know if a certain product is suitable for my animal?

With every article on our website we have stated for which animal species this product is suitable. We assess each product for suitability for the different rodent species. We also include the manufacturer's advice. We take the function of the relevant product as a guideline for assessing suitability. If we indicate that a product is suitable, it is therefore suitable for the purpose for which it was made. For example, a sleeping house is assessed on its function, i.e. whether an animal can sleep in it. We look at the size of the house, so whether it is big enough.

2.2 What should I do if a received product is not functioning properly?

Step 1: Take a picture of the packing slip with the name of the person who composed the order visible.
Step 2: Take a number of clear photos and / or videos of the product, which clearly show what the problem is.
Step 3: Send an email to customer service. State the order number in the title. Explain in the email what the problem is and add the images in the attachment.

We will then use this information to assess whether or not the product functions as can reasonably be expected from the product in question. If the product actually does not function properly, we will take the product back and repair or replace it. If a product is taken back by us of which it appears that it still functions properly, we are unfortunately forced to charge the return costs.

2.3 What if I think my drinking bottle is not working properly?

If you think your water bottle is not working properly, there are a few tips you can take to solve the problem.
Step 1: Fill the bottle completely.
Step 2: Shake the bottle briefly. It may be that the ball is stuck / stuck in the spout. Shaking it loosens it.
Step 3: Tap the nozzle of the bottle with your fingers. Most drinking bottles contain two balls. There may be an air bubble between the balls, preventing the bottle from giving water. This bubble disappears by tapping the nozzle.
Step 4: Hang the bottle straight. A crooked bottle can leak more easily.
Step 5: Check if the bottle gives water. By tapping the ball on the spout with your finger, you can check whether water comes out.

There is a lot of difference in bottles and the way of watering. One bottle gives water very simply and leaks (drips), the other bottle gives less flexible water. It is important for a bottle that it provides water, but does not drain.

A bottle is defective in the following two cases:

If it doesn't water
When it deflates

All the nuances within it are the specific properties of a bottle. Even within copies, differences can occur.

If you believe that the bottle is defective, you can send an email to customer service. State the order number in the title. Then we will take it back for repair and it may be that it has to be sent to the manufacturer. This investigates the cause of the defect in connection with the production. If the bottle can be repaired, it will be sent back to you. If the bottle cannot be repaired, we will replace it.

If it turns out that the bottle works as it should for this bottle, it will be credited. The purchase amount will then be deducted from the return costs.

2.4 A product is not in stock, can I reserve this product?

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve a product that is not in stock. You can leave your email address with the relevant product via the website. We will send you an email as soon as the product is back in stock.

2.5 What is an outlet product?

An outlet product is a highly discounted item. The rodent products often have a flaw or a missing part, making them highly discounted. However, the products are still functional for the purpose of use.

2.6 Can I really not have a glass terrarium delivered?

Unfortunately, the terrariums can only be picked up in Hoogeveen. There is no possibility to have it delivered.

3 To order
3.1 How can I order from DRD

Step 1: Place product (s) in the shopping cart
Step 2: Log in or create an account
Step 3: Enter a delivery address
Step 4: Choose the shipping method
Step 5: Choose your payment method and pay for the products

3.2 How do I know the shipping costs of my order?

On the next page you will find a detailed overview of the shipping costs.

3.3 Can I view the status of my order?

You can follow the current status of your order directly via your account. After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation at the e-mail address you provided. Here you will find an overview of your ordered products and a link to your order.

You can check the shipping status here.

3.4 I want to cancel or change my order, is that possible?

An order once placed and paid can unfortunately no longer be changed or canceled.

3.5 Do the prices on the website include VAT?

Yes, all prices on our website include VAT.

4 Pay
4.1 How can I pay at DRD

You can pay with us in many different ways, including:

Payment upon collection (cash, pin)
Pay in advance by bank
Visa, MasterCard
Mister Cash
Pay afterwards (Billlink)

You can view the full overview on the next page.

4.2 Payment failed, what should I do?

Something can sometimes go wrong during payment, malfunction at the bank, balance shortage, etc. That is no problem at all! You can easily complete your order through your account.

Log in to your Account
Go to My Orders
Click on Pay

4.3 The Billink payment has failed, what should I do?

It may happen that a Billink payment does not work. Billink uses its own automatic control system. If your payment request is not approved, your order will be automatically canceled. You can also see this in the order overview within your account.

If you are unable to pay with Billink, it is best to contact Billink to ask why your payment request has been rejected. Unfortunately, we do not have access to this and are not allowed to receive information about it from Billink in connection with the AVG.

4.4 Do I pay safely at DRD

Yes, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This is a method of encrypting data that you send over the Internet so that only the recipient can read it.

4.5 Where can I find information about my invoices and payments?

In your account you will find payment information under the heading "My Orders".

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