Rabbit tunnels for your rabbit!

Tunnels are a very nice enrichment for your rabbits! In nature, rabbits dig entire tunnel systems underground. With tunnels we try to imitate some of these natural conditions. You will notice that the rabbits like to go through the tu
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Welcome to DRD Knaagdierwinkel® - The ultimate online Rabbit Webshop for all your Rabbit supplies!

Tunnels are a very nice enrichment for your rabbits! In nature, rabbits dig entire tunnel systems underground. With tunnels we try to imitate some of these natural conditions. You will notice that the rabbits like to walk through the tunnels in one piece. Some rabbits will drag their own tunnel to decorate the enclosure according to their own wishes. It is also fun to place the tunnel in a different place yourself. This way the stay remains pleasantly challenging!

We offer a wide range of tunnels. From long straight tunnels to tunnels with three corridors and soft fleece tunnels. We also have suitable tunnels for large rabbits! You can find the diameter of each tunnel in the specifications.

The Natural Urges of Rabbits

To understand why tunnels are so important for rabbits, we first need to look at their natural behavior. In the wild, rabbits dig extensive tunnels underground, providing them with protection from predators and the elements. These complex tunnels serve as shelters, breeding grounds and food storage areas. Rabbits have a strong digging instinct and need to dig and explore tunnels. This is deeply ingrained in their natural behavior and is an essential part of their well-being.

The Benefits of Rabbit Tunnels

Adding tunnels to your rabbits' habitat offers numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why tunnels are a must-have for your furry friends:

  • Mental Stimulation for Rabbits: Rabbits are intelligent and curious animals. Tunnels offer them the opportunity to explore their environment and be mentally stimulated. This prevents boredom and helps prevent unwanted behavior, such as chewing on furniture or excessive scratching.
  • Exercise for Rabbits: Running through tunnels and digging in the bedding inside is a great way for rabbits to get exercise. It helps maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles.
  • Shelter and Safety for Rabbits: Tunnels provide your rabbits with a safe hiding place to which they can retreat when they feel threatened. This feeling of security contributes to their well-being and reduces stress.
  • Strengthening the Burrowing Instinct: Digging in tunnels is a natural behavior for rabbits. Tunnels provide a controlled environment in which they can indulge their digging instincts without causing damage to your floors or garden.
  • Entertainment for Rabbits: Rabbit tunnels provide endless entertainment. Your rabbits will enjoy exploring the tunnels, hiding and even playing with each other inside.

Types of Rabbit Tunnels

Now that you know about the benefits of rabbit tunnels, let's take a look at the different types of tunnels available. There are several options to choose from, depending on the needs of your rabbits and the space available.

  • Straight Tunnels: Straight tunnels are the simplest and classic choice. They are usually made of durable material such as nylon or polyester and have a flexible frame. These tunnels are easy to install and can be placed straight or in curves. They are perfect for providing your rabbits with a long passage to run through.
  • Multi-Entrance Tunnels: Multi-entrance tunnels mimic the natural burrows of rabbits. They often have additional openings on the sides or in the middle. These tunnels offer your rabbits more options to enter and exit and add an extra dimension to their play experience.
  • Soft Fleece Tunnels: Soft fleece tunnels are ideal for rabbits who like cozy places. These tunnels are made of soft and comfortable material and provide a cozy hiding place for your rabbits. They can also serve as a warm place to rest.
  • Collapsible Tunnels: Collapsible tunnels are useful for owners who have limited space. These tunnels can be folded and stored away when not in use. They are easy to move and still provide plenty of entertainment for your rabbits.
  • Large Rabbit Tunnels: We also have suitable tunnels for larger rabbits. Enough space for a comfortable passage.

Each tunnel in our range comes with clear specifications, including diameter, so you can make the perfect choice for your rabbits. Our tunnels are durable, easy to clean and provide hours of fun.

How Rabbit Tunnels Enrich the Daily Life of Your Rabbits

Imagine seeing your rabbits enjoying their own play paradise every day. Rabbit tunnels make this a reality. The daily life of your rabbits is enriched in various ways:

  • Adventurous Journeys of Discovery: Rabbits love to discover new things. Tunnels allow them to go on a daily adventure in their familiar environment.
  • Healthy Outlet: It is important for rabbits to get rid of excess energy. Tunnels provide a healthy outlet for playful activity.
  • Safe Hiding Place: Sometimes rabbits need a safe hiding place. Tunnels fulfill this need and create a place where they feel safe.
  • Interactive Play Moments: You can join in the fun too! Place the tunnel in different places and create interactive play moments with your rabbits.

Integrating Tunnels into Your Rabbits' Life

Now that you have an idea of the different types of tunnels, it's time to discover how to properly integrate them into your rabbits' lives. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the Right Size: Make sure the tunnels you choose are suitable for the size of your rabbits. They must be able to move comfortably through the tunnel without becoming trapped.
  • Place the Tunnels Strategically: Think about where you place the tunnels. Rabbits like shady, quiet places. Make sure the tunnels are accessible and that your rabbits can enter and exit easily.
  • Supervise: Let your rabbits get used to the new tunnels and supervise them to make sure they are comfortable. Some rabbits will start exploring right away, while others will need some time to get used to it.

How to Choose the Diameter of the Tunnel

When choosing a rabbit tunnel, the diameter is an important factor. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice:

  1. Small Rabbits: For smaller rabbit breeds, a tunnel with an average diameter (about 15-20 cm) is suitable. This offers enough space for comfortable play and exercise.

  2. Medium Rabbits: Medium to large tunnels between 20-30cm in diameter are ideal for medium sized rabbits. This gives them plenty of room to bend, squirm and have fun.

  3. Large Rabbits: For larger rabbits, tunnels with a larger diameter (30 cm or more) are suitable. This gives them enough space to move freely and really enjoy the tunnel.

Order your rabbit tunnel at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®

What are you waiting for? Give your rabbits the ultimate playing experience and order a rabbit tunnel today. Our tunnels have been carefully selected to meet the needs of your rabbits, and we guarantee quality and well-being.

At DRD Knaagdierwinkel® we believe that rabbits have the right to a happy and fulfilled life. Our rabbit tunnels are designed with love for rabbits and offer a combination of fun, safety and comfort.

So, make every day an adventure for your rabbits with our high-quality rabbit tunnels. Order now and discover how your rabbits enjoy their new favorite toys! DRD Knaagdierwinkel®, where the well-being of your rabbits comes first.

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