Environmentally conscious


Alrighty then! As human beings and a company, we're well aware that we have an impact on our surroundings, including the environment. Online shopping brings a whole lot of convenience, but let's face it, it can be a real "eco-burden." But fear not! We take our responsibility seriously and take measures to minimize our environmental footprint and even go green by planting trees! Yep, you heard it right, we're like the horticulturists of the world.

bee friendly

Buzzing with the Bee Foundation

Our assortment is blooming with plants, flowers, and seeds, oh la la! We understand that harvesting these beauties should be done responsibly without disturbing our buzzy friends, the bees. That's why we proudly support the Bee Foundation and partner with businesses and grocers that have a bee-friendly attitude and help preserve the habitats of these endangered little creatures. Bees are like superheroes for nature and agriculture, and if they suffer, we all suffer. So, join the cause and become a donor to the Bee Foundation!

Logistics - The Eco-Adventure

For every trip you don't have to make to the store, our trusty postmen and women hit the road. There are plenty of transport companies out there, each with their pros and cons. But guess who we've teamed up with? The biggest transport hero in the BENELUX region: PostNL! Their mission is to deliver all packages and letters in the Benelux with zero emissions, even in the last mile. And as if that's not enough, they're constantly working on becoming even greener. Think sustainable bike logistics, clean fuels, eco-friendly urban logistics, packaging reduction, and greening up their buildings and fleet. They go the extra mile, literally!

Sustainable bicycle logistics
Clean fuels
Sustainable city logistics
Air from packaging
Making our buildings and fleet more sustainable

Many other transport companies are cheaper, but not always more environmentally friendly. On the next page you can read what PostNL is doing to make logistics greener.

Planting trees

Every year, we set aside a chunk of change for tree planting, and a portion of every sale goes into this fund. So, with every order you place, you're contributing to planting new trees and greening up our world. And here's the exciting part: we don't just plant trees abroad, we're actively involved in tree planting projects right here in the Netherlands too! These projects identify the areas that could use a green makeover the most. Wanna be a tree planter too? Check out Trees for All!


We're all about minimizing that "airmail" situation. To achieve this, we tailor our box sizes as much as possible to the order at hand. Plus, we're rocking packaging materials made from 100% recycled materials that can be recycled again after use. Our boxes, wrapping paper, and even the bubble wrap are 100% sustainable. Did you know we even have eco-friendly bubble wrap made from 100% recycled materials, ready to be recycled once more? The surprises just keep on popping, don't they?

Did you know?
We green bubble plastic have made it from 100% recycled material, and is it recyclable again after use?


We do our best to keep returns to a minimum by providing clear product photos and descriptions. We also try to match the packaging materials to the products themselves. 'Cause let's be honest, cutting corners on packaging might lead to more damage and returns. Avoiding returns is high on our priority list. However, if, by any chance, a product arrives damaged, we always strive to find a solution with the customer that doesn't involve an immediate return. Returns can be a real buzzkill for the environment.

Outlet products

Sometimes, products have a little quirk or two but are still perfectly usable for their intended purpose. Instead of tossing them aside, we offer them as "outlet products" at a discounted price. Every product goes through the whole production process, packaging, and transportation, with time and energy invested. So, why let all that effort go to waste when the product can still shine bright? Imperfections make life interesting, my friend!

2nd chance products

Refurbishing products is all the rage these days. At our place, we call them "second chance products." They might have a few signs of previous use but fear not, we thoroughly inspect them for cleanliness, damages, and functionality. If a product has some character but still does the job it's meant to do, it would be a crying shame to toss it away and harm the environment. A little wear and tear only adds to its charm, don't you think?

So, buckle up and let's embark on this green adventure together. We're here to save the day, one eco-friendly step at a time!

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