Environmentally conscious


As a person but also as a company, we are aware that we have an influence on our surroundings and therefore also on our environment. Online shopping brings a lot of convenience, but can also be environmentally damaging. We feel responsible for the contribution we make and therefore take measures to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible and even make it greener by planting trees!

bee friendlyDonor Bee Foundation

Our range consists largely of plants, flowers, seeds. We are very aware that the harvesting of these plants and herbs must be done in a responsible manner and must not affect the habitat of the bees. We are therefore a donor of the Bee Foundation and work together with companies and grocers that consciously handle the bee and support the habitat of these endangered animals. The bee is crucial to nature and agriculture and the collapse of apiary can have major and irreversible consequences for biodiversity and food and fruit production. Do you also want to support the bee? Become a donor of the Bijenstichting!


Any trip that you don't have to do to the store will be made by the post driver. There are many transport companies that each have their advantages and disadvantages. We have opted for a partnership with the largest transport company in the BENELUX; PostNL has the wonderful goal to be able to deliver all parcels and letters in the Benelux emission-free in the last mile. In addition, PostNL is constantly improving sustainability by:

Sustainable bicycle logistics
Clean fuels
Sustainable city logistics
Air from packaging
Making our buildings and fleet more sustainable

Many other transport companies are cheaper, but not always more environmentally friendly. On the next page you can read what PostNL is doing to make logistics greener.

Planting trees

Every year we create a pot for planting trees, for which part of the sales amount goes to the pot. With every order you place you participate in this. With every order you contribute to the placement of new trees and the greening of the world. It is good to know that we also actively participate in planting trees in the Netherlands, not just abroad. The projects look at which environmental areas will benefit most from greening at that time. Do you also want to plant a tree? Then take a quick look at Trees for All


We strive to send as little air as possible. To achieve this, we adapt the box sizes to the order as much as possible. In addition, we use packaging material made from 100% recycled material, which is recyclable after use. The boxes, the wrapping paper and even the bubble wrap are 100% sustainable.

Did you know?
We green bubble plastic have made it from 100% recycled material, and is it recyclable again after use?


We do our best to keep the number of returns as small as possible by making clear product photos and description. We also try to match packaging material to the product itself as much as possible. For example, it is not convenient to cut back on packaging material if this results in more damage and therefore more returns. Preventing returns is therefore high on our list of priorities. Should it nevertheless happen that a product arrives damaged, we always try to find a solution together with the customer that does not immediately result in a return. After all, returns are very damaging to the environment.

Outlet products

It sometimes happens that products have a minor flaw, but can still be used for what they are intended. We do not throw such products away, but offer them as an "outlet product" with a discount. A product is made, packaged, transported, time and energy have been put into each product and therefore also a part of the environmental impact. We believe that we should not just forget that and throw away the product if it can still be used perfectly.

2nd chance products

Refurbishing products is becoming increasingly popular. With us, a refurbished product is called a "second chance product". The product may contain slight traces of use and is therefore offered at a discount. We check such products extensively for hygiene, damage and functionality. If a product contains minor signs of wear, but can be used as it is intended for, it is a shame to throw it away and harm the environment.

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