Guinea pig Herbs for your guinea pig!

guinea pig herbs

Order your guinea pig herbs for your guinea pig fresh or dried easily and quickly at DRD Rodent Shop!

Guinea pig herbs are important for your guinea pig. The wild guinea pig diet consists mainly of grasses and herbs. There are different types of guinea pig herbs, both fresh and dried. Both types of herbs can be given as an addition to the daily diet of your guinea pig!

Build up guinea pig herbs gradually

Guinea pig herbs are healthy and can promote the health of your guinea pig in a positive way. Supplying herbs can be done daily, but needs to be built up. Guinea pigs have a sensitive digestion and all food changes must be implemented gradually.

Fresh guinea pig herbs

When it comes to guinea pig herbs, we quickly think of dried herbs, that does not necessarily have to be the case. There are also fresh herbs that can be given fresh. That is why you will also find fresh herb plants in the guinea pig assortment that you can put in your guinea pig's residence or feed separately. The plants stay good for a long time and your guinea pigs will enjoy a lot of "fresh" nibbling pleasure. With fresh herb plants it is also important to gradually build up feeding.

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