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Health products for Chinchillas in the Chinchilla Webshop

Buy Health Products for your Chinchilla easily at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® the online Chinchilla Webshop for all your Chinchilla supplies For the best health products for your Chinchilla you are in the right ...
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Buy Health Products for your Chinchilla easily at DRD Rodent Shop ® the Chinchilla Webshop for all your Chinchilla supplies

For the best health products for your Chinchilla you are in the right place in our Chinchilla webshop. Here you will find different types of health products such as anti parasite, anti scabies and homeopathic remedies. Ordering is quick and easy in our Chinchilla webshop.

If your chinchilla is sick, we always recommend that you consult a veterinarian. Our products in the chinchilla health category can provide support or be used preventively.

There are a number of common health problems with chinchillas.

Dental problems

The most common health problem in chinchillas is dental problem. Problems arise because of a wrong position of the jaws. This prevents the teeth from wearing properly and they become too long and grow crooked. Teeth that are too long can be ground under anesthesia at the vet. The teeth should never be cut! This can cause them to split. There are a number of things we can do to prevent dental problems. First, it is important to ensure that the chinchillas are from a good breeder. The chance of congenital jaw defects is then reduced. An incorrect jaw position can also be caused by trauma. It is important to ensure that there are no major height differences in the cage. In this way we reduce the chance that the animals will fall from a great height. In addition, good nutrition and sufficient gnawing material are important for optimal wear of the teeth.

Digestive Problems

Chinchillas have a very sensitive digestive system. They are sensitive to gas in the stomach. Gas can be recognized by difficulty breathing, lying on the side and not wanting to eat anymore. Diarrhea and hairballs also occur in chinchillas. The gastrointestinal tract can also stop when the chinchillas eat too little. To avoid digestive problems, it is important to pay close attention to the nutritional needs of chinchillas. Too many sugary snacks can quickly cause problems.

chinchilla digestion

Lung disorders

Chinchillas are not very resistant to drafts and temperature changes. They are prone to pneumonia. So it is very important to make sure that the chinchillas are never in a draft.


chinchilla sand bath Chinchillas can get mold. The fungus can be recognized by bald spots in the coat or spots on the ears. This fungus is very annoying because it is a zoonosis. This means that people can also get the fungus. The fungus can therefore be transferred from animals to humans. Powdered medication can be collected from the vet to treat the fungus. This powder can be mixed with the chinchilla sand. While bathing, the chinchilla ensures that the powder is well distributed throughout the coat.

Cock ring

In male chinchillas it can happen that a hair ring is formed around the penis. This can pinch the penis. The penis becomes numb and may die. This can even cause the chinchilla to die. If a male washes remarkably often, it should certainly be checked for such a hair ring around the penis. In principle, this can be removed by the owner of the animal himself.

Broken bones

Chinchilla bone fractures often occur because the chinchilla falls from a great height. To prevent this, it is important to take into account when setting up the cage that there are no major height differences. Fortunately, fractures in chinchillas heal relatively well and quickly.

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