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For a good quality rodent terrarium you have come to the right place. The terrariums are suitable for rodents and available in different designs and sizes. Unfortunately, the terrariums cannot be shipped, but must be sent
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Get your rodent terrarium now at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® and give your furry friend the penthouse he deserves!

We understand that your rodent needs a place where he feels completely at home. Don't worry, our rodent terrariums are specially designed with all rodent needs in mind. From hamsters that zoom down slides to mice that squeeze through the tunnels like real adventurers, our range has something for every rodent.

The Importance of Air Circulation in Terrariums

Air circulation in terrariums is vital for the well-being of small rodents. It affects air quality, humidity, temperature and helps minimize odors. It is not only important for the comfort of the animals, but it also plays a crucial role in preventing health problems. Good air circulation can help you reduce the risk of respiratory infections and prevent parasites, such as mites and lice.

How the Air Circulation System Works

The Black Scape terrarium is designed for optimal air circulation. Here is a detailed explanation of how this system works in practice:

  1. Air grille at the top

A striking feature of our terrariums is the air grille that extends over the entire length of the top. This grille acts as the outlet for warm air in the terrarium. Warm air tends to rise, and this grille provides an outlet for that warm air. It ensures that the heated air can escape, so that the climate in the terrarium does not become too warm.

  1. Protected Grille at the Front

At the front of the terrarium there is another grille that also covers the entire length. This grille acts as the intake point for fresh air from outside the terrarium. What is essential here is that this grille is protected with a gnaw-resistant profile, so your pets cannot damage it.

  1. Natural Convection

The ventilation system uses the principle of natural convection. This means that warm air rises while cold air sinks. This phenomenon is known as thermosiphon. The warm air in the terrarium rises to the top grille at the top of the terrarium.

  1. Air circulation

Thanks to this natural thermosiphon circulation principle, continuous air circulation is created. This means that the warm, used air in the terrarium is exhausted through the top grille, while fresh air from outside is drawn in through the low, gnaw-resistant grille at the front. This creates a continuous exchange of air, allowing fresh air to enter the terrarium and used air to be removed.

The Benefits of Our Ventilation System

Our ventilation system offers numerous benefits, not only for the residents of the terrarium, but also for yourself:

  • Healthy Air Quality : The constant air circulation ensures healthy air quality in the terrarium, which significantly reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

  • Minimizing Odors : It prevents odors from accumulating, keeping the indoor environment fresh and pleasant.

  • Prevention of Parasites : Thanks to the effective air circulation, the humidity is reduced, which significantly reduces the risk of pests such as parasites, mites, lice and the like. These pests thrive in a moist environment.

  • Temperature control : The ventilation system also helps regulate the temperature in the terrarium, preventing overheating.

Single Top Grille versus Double Top and Bottom Grille

A question that often arises is whether a single top grille that covers the entire top is better than a system with two grilles, namely both a top and a bottom grille. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

A single top grille can provide maximum air circulation, but this is often accompanied by less suction power. This is because air circulation in an enclosed space is driven by natural convection, where warm air rises and cold air falls. In the case of a single top grille, air circulation cannot be sufficiently stimulated.

A system with two grilles, namely a top and bottom grille, ensures more controlled and efficient air circulation. Air circulation is stimulated by the natural movement of warm and cold air, with the lower opening providing the intake of cool air and the upper grille removing the warm air.

The choice between these systems depends on your specific needs and priorities. If your priority is maximum air circulation and adequate protection against escape or gnawing, a single top grille may be beneficial. If safety and control over air circulation are more important, a dual grille system may be preferable.

Send a terrarium? No problem!

And best of all? You don't even have to leave the house to get your new rodent palace! With just a few clicks you can choose your favorite terrarium and we will ensure that it is delivered to your home safe and sound. No hassle with lugging heavy cages, we take care of the transport.

Custom terrarium and furnishings?

But wait, there's more! If you are not yet sure how to set up the terrarium, our experts are ready to help you. We can provide you with rodent decorations that will exceed your furry friend's wildest dreams. From climbing frames to cute rodent hammocks, we have everything you need to provide your rodent with the most luxurious stay.

So what are you waiting for? Give your rodent a VIP treatment and order your rodent terrarium today. It's the perfect way to show your furry companion that you really care. And who knows, you might soon be invited to an exclusive rodent housewarming!

Your rodent and rabbit definitely deserves a real specialist

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