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Easily buy Care Products for your Rabbit at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®, the online Rabbit Webshop for all your Rabbit toys and accessories. For the best care products for your rabbits, you have come to the right place in our Rabbit webshop...
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Buy Care Products for your Rabbits easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® The Rabbit Webshop for your Rabbit

rabbit care for your rabbits, rabbit brush and comb or shampoo For the best care products for your rabbits, you have come to the right place in our Rabbit webshop. Here you will find different types and brands of shampoo, brushes, combs and toilets for an attractive price. Ordering is quick and easy in our Rabbit webshop.

Rabbit care differs per rabbit, but generally all rabbits need a good brushing and haircut every now and then and a good toilet is never lacking.

A rabbit that is toilet trained will always do its business neatly in the toilet and that saves a lot of work. To potty train a rabbit, it is wise to place the toilet close to the hay rack. The toilet should be large enough for the rabbit to fit in comfortably. Fortunately, we offer you a very wide choice of different types and sizes of toilets.

Rabbits that do not go outside or do not have the opportunity to wear their nails can develop nails that are too long. It is therefore important to regularly check and trim rabbits' nails. When cutting, it is very important not to cut the nail itself, as this is extremely painful for the rabbit! A rabbit's nail cannot be cut with normal scissors, it must be cut with special rodent scissors so that the nail is shortened evenly and safely.

Spoil your rabbits with top care products from DRD Knaagdierwinkel® !

Dive into the world of pampering and caring with the best care products for your rabbits, available at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®! My Rabbit Webshop guarantees an extensive selection of high-quality shampoos, brushes, combs and toiletries, all for an attractive price. Care has never been so easy and fast!

Discover the Magic of Rabbit Care

Caring for rabbits is as unique as each rabbit itself, but they have one thing in common: they deserve the best! In my Rabbit Webshop you will find everything you need for a royal treatment. From a silky soft coat to perfectly trimmed nails, we have it all.

Brushing and Clipping: Essential Care for Every Rabbit

Every rabbit enjoys a good brushing and haircut. In my range you will find a range of brushes and combs that ensure a shiny coat and a satisfied rabbit. But that is not everything! A well-placed and spacious toilet is a must-have for every housetrained rabbit. Make it easy for your rabbit by placing the toilet close to the hay rack. Fortunately, we offer a wide choice of different types and sizes of toilets.

Housetraining: The Secret to a Clean Rabbit Enclosure

A housetrained rabbit makes life a lot easier. Place the toilet strategically, for example close to the hay rack, and enjoy a clean rabbit enclosure. Discover the various toilets in my webshop and choose the one that perfectly suits the needs of your rabbit.

Nail Care: For Healthy and Happy Rabbits

Rabbits that do not go outside or do not have the opportunity to wear their nails can suffer from nails that are too long. Nail care is therefore essential. Check the nails regularly and cut them safely with special rodent scissors. Avoid painful experiences by not cutting the nail while it is still alive. In my webshop you will find the right tools for safe and professional nail care.

How to cut a rabbit's nails?

  1. Equipment: Provide special rodent scissors to cut your rabbit's nails.
  2. Positive Environment: Create a calm and relaxing environment. You may want to have some treats ready as a reward after the haircut.
  3. Holding the Paw: Gently hold your rabbit's paw and pay attention to the life, the pink part in the nail. Don't cut back on life, because that can be painful.
  4. Cutting: Cut the nail carefully and evenly. Repeat this for each leg.
  5. Reward: After each successful haircut, give your rabbit a reward and some TLC.

How often do you cut a rabbit's nails?

  • Frequency: The frequency of nail care depends on the rabbit. Check the nails monthly and trim if necessary. Rabbits that play outside naturally wear their nails more than indoor rabbits.

Eye Care for Rabbits: Provide Sparkling Eyes

How to Cleanse Eyes:

  1. Soft Cloth: Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or tear stains around the eyes.
  2. Eye drops: If your rabbit suffers from dry eyes, consider special rabbit eye drops. Always consult a veterinarian before using medication.

When to pay attention:

  • Tear streaks: Look for excessive tear streaks, which may indicate a health problem. Consult a vet if you have any doubts.

Ear Care for Rabbits: Keep Those Ears Healthy

How to Clean Ears:

  1. Inspection: Check the ears regularly for dirt, redness or unusual odors.
  2. Ear cleaner: When cleaning ears, use a special rabbit ear cleaner. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and gently wipe away the dirt.
  3. Never Deep Clean: Never insert cotton swabs deep into the ear as this may cause damage.

When to pay attention:

  • Excessive Scratching: Excessive scratching of the ears may indicate mites or an infection. Consult a veterinarian for appropriate treatment.

Order Your Care Products Today

Spoil your rabbits with the best care products from DRD Knaagdierwinkel®. Order today and give your rabbits the care they deserve. A happy rabbit starts with the right care!

rabbit care your rabbit definitely deserves a real rabbit specialist

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