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Everything for your Rabbit in the Rabbit Webshop!

Are you looking for Rabbit articles and supplies? Then you are at the right place at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®! You will find a wide range of rabbit items with us, such as rabbit food, rabbit toys, rabbit houses, rabbit nesting material, rabbit
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The Rabbits Webshop for all your Rabbits articles & supplies!

rabbit webshop, rabbit articles and supplies If you are looking for rabbit items and supplies then you have come to the right place at our Rabbits Webshop! You will find a wide range of rabbit products, such as rabbit food , rabbit toys , rabbit house , rabbit nesting , rabbits gnawing material , rabbit bedding and much more.

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets and that is no wonder because they are very nice pets!

Rabbits are active, intelligent and social animals that should always be kept together. Rabbits that are kept together can exhibit their natural social behavior and that is wonderful to see. They take care of each other, play with each other and really seek each other out for attention. It is very nice to see how they treat each other! Read the rabbit information here!

Do you have rabbits as pets?

Then of course you need food! The basic food for rabbits is hay and this should always be available. We have many different types of hay in our range, from Timothy hay to hay with different types of herbs, vegetables or flowers. So there is something for every rabbit that he likes. In addition to hay, rabbits need a complete chunk. We offer food from different brands and within these brands different variants. In this way we make it possible to find the right kibble for every rabbit. Of course you can also contact us for food bowls, drinking bottles and hay racks. Herbs can be fed in addition to the hay and pellets. Herbs are very healthy for rabbits and each species has its own specific effect. Of course the rabbits can be pampered from time to time. We have a wide range of rabbit snacks for this. Snacks can also be used very well for training with rabbits!

Gnaw and play

Despite the fact that rabbits are not actually rodents, they do have a great need to gnaw. To meet the gnawing need, we have different types of gnawing material. The provision of gnawing material also prevents the rabbits from gnawing their enclosure. To keep the rabbits busy, we have many toys in our range. The range varies from simple toys that the rabbits can entertain themselves with to training games where you as the owner have a lot of interaction with your animal.

Hide and dig

In the wild, rabbits dig burrows in the ground where they can hide. Because this is usually not possible in our enclosures, rabbits need a shelter. We have different types of houses. Some houses have a flat roof that the rabbits can also sit on. It is nice for rabbits if a shelter has several entrances (just like a cave under the ground, which also always consists of several entrances). So with a house the rabbits have a place to hide. However, they still often need to dig. We can meet this need by offering the rabbits a bucket.

Accommodation facility

In the enclosure, rabbits need bedding to lie down comfortably. We have different types of ground cover in our range, ranging from straw to soft cotton. Floor mats are often used for indoor rabbits. You can also contact us for this. We have pillows and baskets to spoil the rabbits. We also have different platforms and ladders to make your stay extra fun. Rabbits can be house trained very well. This is especially pleasant for indoor rabbits. We have different types of toilets and toilet beds. To put together a nice stay we have both indoor and outdoor runs.

To keep the accommodation clean and fresh, we have special cleaning products that are of course safe to be used in the rabbit accommodation. You can also contact us for care and health products. For the hot summer days we have, among other things, cooling stones and icepods. Rabbits will of course have to be transported from time to time (for example for a visit to the vet). For this we have transport boxes in different sizes and colors.

Finally, we have fun gifts and interesting books for the rabbit owners.

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rabbits webshop with rabbit food, rabbit toys and rabbit snacks

rabbits webshop for rabbit food, rabbit snacks, toys and rabbit bedding

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