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Are you looking for Guinea pig articles and supplies? Then you are at the right place at DRD Cavia Webshop. You will find a wide range of guinea pig items with us, such as guinea pig food, toys, houses, gnawing material and much more. Best...
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Are you looking for guinea pig supplies? Then you are at the right place at DRD Rodent Shop! You will find a wide range of guinea pig items with us, such as guinea pig food, toys , houses , gnawing material and much more. Ordering is easy and fast in the DRD Cavia Webshop.

Guinea pig as a pet

Although they are on the menu in some countries, they are precious pets in the Netherlands that you will love in seconds! The Guinea pig's way of communicating is very recognisable. The beeps as soon as the fridge opens and the cheerful look when he sees you with something delicious. Beautiful! Guinea pigs are very friendly animals that live in groups. A guinea pig should never be kept alone in our home. Always at least two guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are very sociable animals that can keep their owners company for up to 10 years. The life expectancy of guinea pigs is on average between five to seven years.

Guinea pigs are herbivorous rodents

Guinea pigs are rodents and their favorite activity is "eating". Any guinea pig lover will agree! As with all rodents, the teeth of the guinea pig always grow. High-quality rodent material and good nutrition are therefore essential for the animals.

Guinea pigs are also true herbivores, that is, their diet consists of plants. Like many rodents, guinea pigs also eat their cecum droppings (nighttime droppings). We call this behavior "Coprophagy". These are softer, green droppings that the animals eat directly. These droppings are often not to be found in the accommodation. They contain a lot of good bacteria, proteins and vitamins K and B.

The housing of the Cavia

The guinea pig is not a very demanding animal, but there are things to keep in mind. For example, guinea pigs are real social animals and should therefore not be kept alone, but always together with a congener. The guinea pig makes demands on its diet, so guinea pigs should always have access to fresh hay to nibble on and keep their digestion going.

The accommodation must be spacious. The size of the enclosure depends on the number of guinea pigs that are kept together. A suitable accommodation for two guinea pigs has a surface of at least 120 x 60 cm (LICG)

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