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In the heart of the guinea pig webshop of DRD Knaagdierwinkel®, a world of gnawing fun and love awaits you and your fluffy friends. In the enchanting realm of guinea pig joy, where beeps are the language of happiness, we invite you to discover what the C
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Guinea pig Looking for high-quality guinea pig supplies? Search no further!

In the heart of the guinea pig webshop of DRD Knaagdierwinkel®, a world of gnawing fun and love awaits you and your fluffy friends. In the enchanting realm of guinea pig joy, where beeps are the language of happiness, we invite you to discover what the Cavia Webshop has to offer. A world full of gnawing happiness , comfortable houses , tasty guinea pig food and toys that will make the guinea pig champion shine in your home.

Guinea Pigs: More than just rodents

Imagine: beeps as soon as the refrigerator opens and that cheerful look when you approach with treats. That is the unique communication game of the guinea pig, an animal that wins your heart within two seconds. At DRD Knaagdierwinkel we understand the magic of these fluffy friends and that is why you will not only find standard guinea pig supplies here, but also specialized products for optimal care.

What is a guinea pig like as a pet?

Guinea Pigs Speak Neat Language: Discover Guinea Pig Communication!

Did you know that guinea pigs are masters at expressing emotions? Not only have they mastered the classic squealing sound, but they can also whistle, grunt, growl and even chirp with excitement. At DRD Knaagdierwinkel we understand the language of happiness and we offer products that promote interaction with your guinea pig.

Although they are on the menu in some countries, in Europe they are precious pets that you will love within 2 seconds! The Guinea pig's way of communicating is particularly recognizable. The beeps as soon as the refrigerator opens and the cheerful look when he sees you with something tasty. Beautiful! Guinea pigs are very friendly animals that live in groups. In our home, a guinea pig should never be kept alone. Always at least two Guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are very sociable animals that can keep their owner company for up to 10 years. The life expectancy of guinea pigs is on average between five to seven years.

Did you know that guinea pigs can communicate well?
Did you know that guinea pigs are excellent communicators and can make a wide range of sounds to express their emotions and needs? In addition to the familiar squeaking they do, guinea pigs can also whistle, grunt, hum, and even chirp when they are happy or excited. They may also growl or hiss when scared or angry. These sounds are part of their complex social interactions and can help you better understand their mood and behavior.

Are Guinea Pigs Herbivorous Rodents?

Herbivore Heaven: Food and Snacks for Gnawing Pleasure

Guinea pigs are herbivores through and through, and that is why we at DRD Knaagdierwinkel offer an extensive range of high-quality guinea pig food. But that is not everything! Also discover delicious snacks, herbs and food bowls that will make your fluffy friend's heart beat faster.

Guinea pigs are rodents and their favorite activity is "eating". Every guinea pig lover will agree with this! As with all rodents, the guinea pig's teeth always continue to grow. High-quality gnawing material and good nutrition are therefore essential for the animals.

Like many other rodents, guinea pigs also eat their cecal droppings (night droppings). We call this behavior "Coprophagia". These are softer, green droppings that the animals eat immediately. These droppings are often not found in the enclosure. They contain many good bacteria, proteins and vitamins K and B.

Did you know that guinea pigs can see well? The Colorful World of Guinea Pigs: Discover Eyesight!

Did you know that guinea pigs have very well developed eyesight? Contrary to popular belief, guinea pigs have excellently developed eyesight. They can not only see a wide range of colors, but also distinguish nuances. Imagine your guinea pig discovering a colorful world with our special products, from food bowls to colorful gnawing material.

What does a guinea pig's housing look like?

Guinea Condos: Housing with a Touch of Luxury

The housing of your guinea pig is very important, because these social animals deserve space and comfort. At DRD Knaagdierwinkel you will find spacious enclosures and special bedding for long-haired guinea pigs. Create a true guinea pig paradise and watch your fluffy friends flourish.

The Guinea pig is not a very demanding animal, but there are things that must be taken into account. Guinea pigs are truly social animals and should therefore not be kept alone, but always with a friend. The guinea pig makes demands on its diet, so guinea pigs must always have access to fresh hay to nibble on to keep their digestion going.

The accommodation must be spacious. The size of the enclosure should depend on the number of guinea pigs kept together. A suitable enclosure for two guinea pigs has a surface of at least 120 x 60 cm (LICG)

guinea pigs

What can be found in the Cavia Webshop?

Guinea Pig Ground Cover: Cuddly Soft Surface for Happy Paws! Discover our extensive range of Guinea Pig bedding , perfectly tailored to both normal-haired and long-haired guinea pigs. Create a comfortable and hygienic living environment for your fluffy friends.

Pee Mats for Guinea Pigs: Absorbent Comfort for a Clean Stay! Let your guinea pig enjoy a clean and dry shelter with our Guinea pig pee pads . Specially designed to absorb moisture, they provide a fresh living environment and keep your guinea pig's feet dry.

Guinea Pig Food: Tasty and Healthy Feast for Gourmets! Pamper your guinea pig with our nutritious guinea pig food . Carefully formulated to meet all nutritional needs, our range provides a feast of flavors and health.

Guinea Pig Herbs and Snacks: Crispy Treat for Itchy Teeth! Discover our selection of Guinea Pig Herbs , Pellets and responsible Guinea Pig Snacks that are perfectly tailored to the gnawing desire of guinea pigs. Let your fluffy friends enjoy crunchy, tasty treats.

Guinea Pig Gnawing Material and Dried Vegetables: Healthy Chewing Fun! Satisfy your guinea pig's natural gnawing instinct with our high-quality gnawing material and dried vegetables . Healthy chewing fun for happy teeth!

Guinea Pig Foraging Toys: Stimulate Natural Needs in a Playful Way! Let your guinea pigs have fun and express their natural foraging behavior with our range of Guinea Pig toys . Enrich their environment with challenging puzzles and activities.

Guinea Pig Stays and Runs: Space for Adventure and Relaxation! Give your guinea pigs space to play, run and relax with our comfortable Guinea pig enclosures and runs . Create a safe haven for all their adventures.

Hammocks and Plateaus for Guinea Pigs: Relax in Style! Let your guinea pigs relax in style with our Guinea Pig Hammocks and platforms . Create a playful and comfortable landscape in their living environment.

Fresh Plants, Pillows and Baskets: Natural Comfort and Style! Bring nature indoors with our fresh Guinea pig plants and offer your guinea pigs a cozy place to rest with our soft cushions and baskets .

Food Bowls and Drinking Bottles for Guinea Pigs: Stylish and Functional! Make mealtime a pleasure with our stylish food bowls and handy drinking bottles . A combination of design and functionality for your guinea pigs.

Health and Care Products: Care at its Best! Keep your guinea pigs healthy and happy with our range of health and care products. From vitamins to nourishing shampoos, we have everything you need.

Transport boxes, tunnels, toilets and cleaning products: Complete guinea pig comfort! Make traveling, playing and cleaning easy with our transport boxes, tunnels, toilets and cleaning products. Everything for the well-being of your guinea pig, always within reach.

Nice Gifts and Guinea Pig Sniffing Boxes: Surprise and Pamper! Discover our nice gifts and guinea pig sniffing boxes - perfect surprises to spoil your guinea pig friends extra. Give them a gift that will make their hearts squeak with joy!

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