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Food for Rats in the Ratten Webshop

Buy your rat food easily at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®, the online Ratten Webshop for your Rat. For rat food for your Rat, you are in the right place in our Ratten webshop. Would you like to spoil your Rat with a healthy, balanced diet? You will find diff
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Food for rats

Order rat food easily and quickly at DRD Rodent Shop ® the Ratten Webshop for your Rat!

digestion herbivores and omnivores

For rat food for your Rat, you are in the right place in our Ratten webshop. Would you like to spoil your Rat with a healthy, balanced diet? Here you will find different types of rat food for an attractive price. Versele-Laga, Witte Molen, Hope Farms, Teurlings, XtraVital Supreme, etc. Ordering is quick and easy in our Ratten webshop.

The rat is a small, omnivorous mammal. This means that the rat is omnivorous and feeds on a multitude of foods. It belongs to the rodent order and is very social. In nature it often lives in groups of up to 100 animals. Life expectancy is about 4 years and it reaches a body length of 28 cm and a weight of 270 to 400 g.

The current black rat is descended from the brown rat. It originally lived on the mainland in southeastern Siberia, in Mongolia and northeastern China. Today the rat can be found almost all over the world. In the tropics and subtropics he only lives in the cities. In Europe and North America, too, it often lives near people and buildings and feels particularly good in partitions or old drain pipes. Rats in the wild often live near water. The rat has its own nutritional needs.

Rat feeding selectively eat rats

They keep on growing, so that the feed has to provide the necessary tooth wear. Hardness, size and type of feed particles are important here.

The stomach consists of one chamber and is separated by a mucous membrane into a part without a gland and a part with a gland.

Small Caecum
Rats have a small cecum. As a result, they can only process raw fibers to a limited extent. Therefore, feed with a crude fiber content of less than 10% is optimal.

Animal proteins
Omnivorous (omnivorous) animals need animal proteins. The valuable amino acids are important for cell renewal and various metabolic processes.

Increased energy requirement
The fast animals have a higher metabolism and therefore a special energy requirement.

Feeding rats with a twist

feeding rats and feeding rats Rats are very intelligent animals and they love to be busy. We think of everything for them so that they do not get bored, but we often forget to take the food with us! We call enriching the diet "feeding with a twist" and we are happy to tell you how!

Rats are not only highly intelligent, but also agile and social. This is reflected in their everyday behavior in the enclosure. They communicate with each other, play and sleep together. The animals develop a social structure and their enclosure is their play area.

The rat cage is transformed by many owners in a very creative way into a true play paradise, where enrichment is central. Yet the food bowl often remains a boring part of the stay always in the same place with the same content. Here too you could easily apply enrichment, the rats will appreciate it!

Change the position of the food bowl

We certainly do not say that the food bowl should be immediately discarded, but you could place it in different places in the enclosure. Sometimes on the top plateau, then at the very bottom of the enclosure and for the advanced, maybe even hide behind a house. Let them search for their food. Make sure you don't make it too difficult, they should be able to find their food and it shouldn't take too long.

Snack balls and plates

snack plate for rats snack ball for rats A nice variation on the food bowl is the snack ball or the snack plate. This is actually a food bowl with a twist. The animals have to make an effort to get to their food. They have to get the ball moving and then in a certain way so that food comes out. We only recommend this method of feeding next to an existing food bowl, so that the animals receive the correct amount of food every day.

While rats are social animals, they don't always enjoy sharing a snack ball. So it is good to keep an eye on this when you first give a snack ball to the animals. This is also a nice way to see how the animals behave in this situation, do they like to work together or do they like each for themselves?

Multiple animals can participate with a snack board, this is a team effort because there is more room for multiple animals. Everyone tries out their own hatch. The motivation increases enormously as soon as one of the rats manages to obtain his treat and runs off with it. This shows the other rats that there is really some goodies hidden. Place a small amount of food in each hatch and let the animals work for a living.

Hide food

It's also nice to give food scattered throughout the enclosure. For example, place a little bit on top of a hammock, another bit behind the house, a little bit on a plateau or other nice places. Always make sure that you hide a standard amount, the animals do not suddenly have to get twice as much food.

The gamerules

Take a standard amount of food that you would give to the animals in one day. Put some in the food bowl and the rest in a snack ball, snack plate and hide a little more in challenging places. It is important that the places where you put the food are clean, so not around the toilet or pee spots. The animals must be able to reach it well and be able to find it well. At the end of the day, check that all food has been found, if not help the animals a little. Show them where it is, this will only increase the bond between you!

It is a huge reward for animals if they succeed in something, their self-confidence and feeling of happiness rises to an unprecedented level, what more could you want ?!


always fresh rodent food ALWAYS FRESH FOR THE RATS!

As a specialist in the field of rodent nutrition, you as a customer benefit from our knowledge and experience. This is also reflected in our purchasing & storage policy, for example. We focus on fresh and fresh instead of much and cheap. Hay, herbs and food must be fresh and stored in the right way, which is why we purchase such products in a smart way so that you always benefit from fresh and fresh food!

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