Fresh Herbs and Plants for Degus

Fresh Degu Herbs are not only tasty, but also very healthy for your Degus!
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fresh plants and herbs for degus

You can order fresh Degoe Herbs easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel®

Fresh Degu Herbs are not only tasty, but also very healthy for your Degus! Degus will often find fresh herbs slightly tastier than dried herbs. Some components can also sometimes be lost during the drying process. Fresh herbs are by far the healthiest for the animals.

Build up slowly

The fresh herbs are delivered as a living plant. The plants can be placed in the animal's enclosure. If the Degus receive a certain plant for the first time, it is wise not to immediately offer the entire plant. The new type of herb must first be introduced slowly. For example, start with one leaf. Then keep a close eye on the Degus to determine how it reacts to this. Pay particular attention to the stool. If the Degu seems to respond well, the dose can be increased slightly every day.

Where do our fresh herbs come from?

The fresh herbs come straight from the grocer! For that reason, the herbs are not always available in their fresh form. Every herb has its own time when it can be sown and harvested, we keep a close eye on this biological clock, so when the fresh herbs are available, act quickly and let your animals enjoy them!

The herbs are specially grown for consumption, so they are organic.

Store fresh herbs

Unfortunately, the fresh plants are a bit more difficult to store than the dried herbs. Every type of plant needs different care. One species needs more light and water than the other species. Some plant knowledge is required to store fresh herbs for a long time.

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