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Gerbil transport box and transport box for safe gerbil transportation and transport

You can buy Gerbil Transport Boxes easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® The Gerbil Webshop for your Gerbil!

gerbil transport box transport box A Gerbil transport box is a must have! The transport box is necessary when picking up new animals or a trip to the vet, but a transport box can also be very useful to place the Gerbils in when the Gerbil enclosure is being changed.

Why is a transport box necessary for a Gerbil?

As described above, various situations may arise in which a place is needed in which the Gerbils can be temporarily placed. For example, when purchasing a Gerbil to take it home, but it may also be necessary to drive to the vet and change the enclosure, where all animals have to be taken out of the enclosure for a while. An emergency may also unexpectedly arise where, for example, a fight arises in the group and the animals have to be separated quickly. The transport box is therefore not only there to transport animals from A to B, but it is also a safe place where the animals can stay for a while.

Can the transport box be used when connecting Gerbils?

Yes, that is certainly possible. Some breeders first place new animals in a transport box in the enclosure so that the animals can only smell each other through the ventilation slits of the transport box and therefore cannot come together and hurt each other. These first contact moments ensure that Gerbils get used to each other's scent and can be paired together after a while.

Which transport boxes are suitable for Gerbils?

A transport box must first and foremost be safe for the animals and take into account the gnawing behavior of Gerbils. Although it is not the intention to have Gerbils stay in a transport box for a longer period of time, this does happen at Rodent Shows, where the Gerbils are kept in Ferplast Geo Transport Boxes. From this practical example we know that Ferplast Geo Transport Boxes are very suitable transport boxes for Gerbils, even if they have to stay in them a little longer.

Although all transport boxes in this category are suitable for Gerbils, we always recommend not leaving the animals alone in a transport box unattended.

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