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There are several types of Gerbils besides the Mongolian Gerbil, there are 86 other species, all of which live mainly in the barren, barren and sandy steppe areas of North Africa, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka, India, North China and Mongolia. . We will especially mention the Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus, Meriones was a Greek warrior and unguis is the Latin word for nail, the Mongolian gerbil is 'the warrior with the claws'). This Gerbilsoort is also the most pet in the Netherlands of all Gerbils species. These cheerful animals belong to the Gerbillinae family. But their nickname is "Gerrijdratje", although they are not related to the rat. In terms of physique, you can use Gerbil with a little kangaroo. Especially the back legs of the Gerbil are very well developed, it is a real jumper! The tail is also striking. Gerbils have a long tail with a cute feather at the end

Name : Mongolian Gerbil
Latin Name : Meriones unguiculatus
Body length : 11 - 13 cm, women are a bit smaller
Weight : men 100 - 125 grams, women 90 - 110 grams

Type and construction : The body is moderately stretched with smooth roundings, the neck is short, resulting in a neckless type. The forelegs are shorter than the hind legs. There are 4 toes at the forefeet, the 5th toe is rudimentary. The hindfoot has 5 toes. The tail is as long as the body and runs smoothly from the hindquarters and is relatively thick.

Hair and hair condition : The coat is densely planted, lying and shiny. The tail is completely hairy, with a nice plume, which is about 1/3 of the tail length. Ears and legs hairy.

Head, eyes and ears : The head is broad and short, slightly tapered, the muzzle may not be too pointed. The nasal bone must be clearly bent. The eyes are large and have an almost round shape. The oval ears are relatively small and are worn straight and are very hairy.


If you want to keep a Gerbil as a pet, then you have to take into account that these animals are real gizzards. They also love to gnaw at everything in the house! It is therefore best to opt for a gnawing gerbuil stay , such as an aquarium or terrarium. The stay must be at least 80 x 50 x 50 cm.



Gerbil Ground cover

Gerbils like to dig, so give them a thick pack of soil cover that they can dig into.

Gerbil Nutrition

When we look at Gerbils in nature, we see that they mainly eat plant-based foods such as grains, seeds and parts of plants. But they also eat small insects. Give your Gerbil preferably Gerbil food that is especially for Gerbils, so tailored to the nutritional needs of Gerbil.

gerbil feed

Gerbil sand

For a good coat care Gerbils need a sand bath every day. Gerbils are naturally clean animals, they like to keep their fur clean and if you offer them a sand bath you will also see that they will make grateful use of it. For a Gerbil sand bath you can use the best Gerbil sand or Chinchilla sand

gerbil sand bath
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