Rodent Inspiration

Everyone can use some inspiration every now and then, we know that better than anyone! As soon as someone has a moment of inspiration with us and comes up with something fun, we immediately start working on it, because experience shows that you cannot han
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Need rodent inspiration? Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rodent Inspiration!

Admittedly, sometimes it's as if our brains could use some extra sprinkling for that flash of creativity. And let's be honest, no one understands this better than us! As soon as the light of inspiration above your head starts to burn, we immediately put the radar to work.

Sure, we know it can sometimes be difficult to imagine what a product looks like - especially if you try to imagine it in a miniature world. Don't worry, we pull out all the stops with our own photos, so you always get exactly what you see. But, wait a minute, we're going one step further - because now, drumroll, we're showing you the stars of the show in action!

The difference is in the rodent

All rodents are different and all have different needs. For example, the mouse likes to play and climb together with its peers, while the golden hamster will want to build corridors on its own. Setting up an enclosure for a group of animals is very different than for a rodent living alone. The furnishings of a home rabbit are very different from the enclosure of an outdoor rabbit . We try to come up with something fun, practical and challenging for all animals, so that all animals can be happy and happy in their enclosure and you as the owner can enjoy this happiness!

Oh yes, we are also on top of the latest gadgets from our manufacturers. So, put those magnifying glasses on our page and discover the freshest inspirational snacks you can find.

How does the inspiration page work?

This is no ordinary page. This is the magical door to our inner treasure of ideas. The main photo nods to what we came up with. And once you click through, you'll open the treasure chest of products we used to make that brilliant plan a reality.

On the page we explain what we have come up with and why, we also explain the products we have selected and at the bottom of the page you can select which products you want.

Need help? Feel free to ask your nagging questions!

Can't you see the box through the haystack? We completely understand. Give us a shout if you get stuck decorating your trinket paradise. Feel free to send us a photo with the dimensions, and we will guide you through the maze of choices and possibilities. Ultimately, we just want your rodents to become birds of paradise. And that you enjoy those endless nibbles of joy! Your rodent and rabbit definitely deserves a real specialist

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