Guinea pig transport box

A good transport box ensures that your guinea pigs can be transported safely. A journey itself is particularly stressful for guinea pigs. Good preparation is therefore half the battle!
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You can order a Guinea Pig Transport Box for your Guinea Pigs easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® The Cavia Webshop for your Guinea Pig!

guinea pig transport and guinea pig transport Let's get straight to the point... Guinea pig's holder does not like to be transported. They don't like strange places either, but if they practice regularly they can certainly get used to it.

For a transport box for your guinea pig, you have come to the right place in our guinea pig webshop. With us you will find different types and brands of transport boxes for an attractive price. Ordering is easy and fast at DRD Knaagdierwinkel

What does a good Guinea pig transport box look like?

A good transport box ensures that your guinea pigs can be transported safely. A journey itself is particularly stressful for guinea pigs. Good preparation is therefore half the battle!

Choose a transport box that gives your guinea pig enough space, but is not too large. A transport box must have sufficient ventilation and preferably not be too open. This means that the bottom tray is best not transparent. The less the guinea pigs experience from the journey and the environment, the calmer they remain. You can also put a towel over a transport box, but good air supply and temperature must always be taken into account.

Which size transport box is suitable for my Guinea pig?

You can choose from different sizes of transport boxes. The larger transport boxes can also be suitable for transporting a pair of guinea pigs. Traveling together can reduce stress for guinea pigs.

Tip! It gives guinea pigs a safe feeling if they have a grip, so place a towel or anti-slip mat in the transport box.

How can you get the Guinea pig used to the transport box?

The transport box often appears when necessary and that is of course logical. However, it can be useful to introduce the guinea pig to the transport box at an early stage. This way, the animals will experience no or less stress if they have to be transported in it. Getting to know the transport box can be done in a very simple way, for example by placing the box in the run so that the animals can use it as a shelter.

Step-by-step plan: Get the guinea pig used to the transport box

  1. For example, place the transport box in the run and place something tasty in it so that the animals are lured to it. It is important that the guinea pig walks in it itself, this must come from the animals' own initiative. If the animals really cannot walk in it themselves, you can gently lift the guinea pig and lift it into the box.
  2. As soon as the guinea pig is in the box and starts to eat its nibble, you can carefully close the door of the box, but open the door again fairly quickly. If this goes well, we can move on to the next step.
  3. The next step is actually lifting the box once you have closed the door. So first place the bunch in the room, put some treats in it, then the Guinea pig walks into the box and starts nibbling, close the door and gently lift the box after closing. It is important to check whether the Guinea pig continues to eat during this step. Continuing to eat is a sign of rest, because when stressed the animals cannot eat.
  4. Now go for a walk with the transport box. Do this very gently and briefly in the beginning. It is very important not to scare the animals.
  5. Now we go into the car with the transport box. Here too, it is important to do this quietly and give the Guinea pig something tasty again when the previous one is finished.

What should you pay attention to when taking the Guinea pig with you in the car?

Guinea pigs do not tolerate heat well. Fortunately, most cars have air conditioning, but it is important to keep an eye on the temperature. At temperatures above 25℃, the animals may have difficulty and need cooling. Never leave the Guinea pig in a warm car. Temperatures in a car can rise very quickly and after 5 minutes the guinea pig can already be in a critical condition. The air conditioning should not blow directly on the transport box, as this could make the guinea pig cold.

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