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Ferrets are polecats and belong to the genus of carnivorous mammals. They originally come from the Mediterranean region. They are now at home all over the world. Ferrets are among the dusky animals.
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The originally wild predator and hunter has now become a loving and tame pet through domestication. Since they belong to the stink marten group, our pet ferrets still have their stink glands. However, these are only used in exceptional anxiety or stressful situations. Since ferrets are very social animals, they prefer to live in groups. Male ferrets should be neutered in time, because as uncastrated males they often show "macho" behavior and can even become aggressive and spray urine to mark their territory.

The life expectancy of ferrets is up to 8 years. Their body length is up to 40 cm in females and up to 70 cm in males. Females can weigh up to approx. 1000 g, males up to approx. 2000 g.

The best habitat for our ferrets is very large enclosures with a minimum size of 120 x 80 cm, as these animals have an extreme urge to move. Ferrets also need free time in their own room and lots of variety. Since ferrets are real climbers, the enclosure must be very high and have different levels for the animals. Differently attached ladders, steps, ropes and cords, willow tunnels and pipe systems - and ideally also a hammock.

They like to retreat and hide in their own enclosure. Ferrets do not need bedding, but a soft blanket or basket is very nice for them.

Very important! Ferrets are not only tame, but also very playful. So toys are very welcome!
Add a storage bin or digging bucket and the playing can begin! Ferrets can also be potty trained and will like a toilet.

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