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Buy Hamster food for your Hamster easily at DRD Rodent Shop, the online Hamster Webshop for your Hamster! For food for your Hamster you are in the right place in our Hamster webshop. You will find here different types and brands of hamster food for e
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hamster foodhamster feed hamster Order Hamster food easily and quickly at DRD Rodent Shop ® The online Hamster Webshop for your Hamster!

For food for your Hamster you are in the right place in our Hamster webshop. You will find different types and brands of hoard food for an attractive price. Witte Molen, Hope Farms, Versele Laga, Beaphar, etc. Ordering is easy and fast in our Hamster webshop.


Hamsters are omnivores (all eaters). The animals have a varied diet that consists of different types of seeds, nuts, herbs, fibers but also animal proteins. Hamsters catch small insects in the wild, so it is good if their diet also contains animal proteins.


Hamsters transport their food in their cheek pockets. What you see is that the hamster stuffs his food into his cheek pouches and quickly goes to his house or storage room. Transporting food in the cheek pouches is also called "Hamsteren". Thanks to the cheek bag muscle, the food is held in the cheek bag and the hamster can transport it safely and quickly.


If your hamster is really going to eat selectively, so that he only eats the tasty things, then it may be wise to switch to an all in one chunk. The hamster can no longer eat selectively in this way. Each kibble has its own composition. Hamsters need a few weeks to get used to other food. It is also possible that the hamster will eat less of the everything in a lump. This may have to do with the composition of the kibble. Some all-in-one kibble have a very full composition, which means that less of it has to be eaten to meet the same nutritional requirements.


Hamsters are much less sensitive than, for example, a guinea pig or rabbit. Switching between food is much easier with these animals. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always mix your own food for a few days with the new food.


Did you know that just like rabbits, hamsters eat their own night stands? It really is that way! The animals do this to absorb vegetable nutrients even better and to absorb the Vitamin B12 that develops in the intestines.

The hamster is a small, granivorous (seed-eating) mammal and belongs to the order of the rodents. He lives solitary in nature. He only seeks social contacts to mate and while raising the boy. As a pet, he is therefore best on his own. The hamster has a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years and reaches a body length of approximately 18 cm and a weight of approximately 180 g.

The hamster comes from Syria and southern Turkey. Here he lives mostly in underground tunnels, which he prefers to make in sandy clay soils and he is active during the day. Hamsters that are kept as pets are more active at night.

Small but brave. The nutritional needs of the fast hamsters are multiple.

incisors, stomach, intestines The incisors

Hamsters have incisors that continue to grow. The feed must therefore be reasonably firm to bite on (eg with different seeds that can be peeled)

The stomach

The stomach consists of two 'chambers', namely the front stomach and the gland stomach.

The appendix

The 'granivore' (seed-eating) hamster has a small appendix. It can only process raw fibers to a limited extent. The optimum raw fiber content in the feed is therefore below 10%.

Animal proteins

Animal proteins are needed for metabolism. The amount must be carefully adjusted to the animal's needs.

High energy requirement

Hamsters are real energy bundles. They like to move and have a higher energy requirement based on their high metabolism.

always fresh rodent food ALWAYS FRESH FOR THE HAMSTERTS!

As a specialist in the field of rodent nutrition, you as a customer benefit fully from our knowledge and experience. This can also be seen in our purchasing & storage policy, for example. We focus on fresh and fresh instead of much and cheap. Hay, herbs and food must be fresh and properly stored, which is why we purchase such products in a smart way so that you always benefit from fresh and fresh food!

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