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Buy your Chinchilla food easily at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® the online Chinchilla Webshop for your Chinchilla For chinchilla food for your Chinchilla you are in the right place in our Chinchilla webshop. Do you want to spoil your Chinchilla with healthy, bala
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Buy Chinchilla food easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel ® The Chinchilla Webshop your Chinchilla!

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For chinchilla food for your Chinchilla you are in the right place in our Chinchilla webshop. Would you like to spoil your Chinchilla with healthy, balanced chinchilla food? Here you will find different types of feed for an attractive price. Versele-Laga, Witte Molen, Hope Farms, Supreme and others Ordering is quick and easy at DRD Rodent Shop!

Chinchillas are small, folivorous / herbivorous (herbivorous) mammals and belong to the rodent order. They are predominantly active at dusk and at night, very social and live in nature as a family as a pair and their female offspring. Even if they are kept as pets, they should not sit alone. They feel good as a couple or in a group. A chinchilla can live up to 20 years old and attains a body length of about 26cm and a weight of 400 to 600 g.

Chinchillas are native to South America and live there in rocky mountain slopes near the coast. Their survival is highly endangered and today only 2 small residual populations live in the north of Central Chile.

The vegetation in their country of origin varies and often shows a desert-like character. They prefer dry and sparsely vegetated slopes with loose vegetation consisting of cacti, bromeliads and small shrubs. They make their burrows in rock crevices.

Chinchillas feed on plant foods and are able to process them optimally.

Chinchillas have nutritional needs all their own.

The digestive system is important for a healthy and vital life.

There are two incisors in the upper and lower jaw, which, like the molars, continue to grow for life. A rough fiber structure in the food is necessary for tooth wear.

The stomach is only moderately muscled and therefore cannot independently transport the nutritional knits to the next part of the intestine. The following food portions take over that task.

Fine dietary fibers end up in the voluminous cecum, which are converted by special bacteria into proteins, vitamin B complex and vitamin K. That is why the appendix is also called the fermentation chamber. The formed cecum droppings are reabsorbed by chinchillas.

Ratio of crude fiber and starch

Crude Fiber: Crude fiber is very important for health. They support digestion, the cecum and with their rough fiber structure, tooth wear.

Starch: Starch is mainly an energy supplier and must be limited in the feed.

A shift in the crude fiber-starch ratio can lead to health damage in the long term:

  • Too little crude fiber leads to intestinal slowness, changes in the intestinal flora and disrupted cecum function.
  • Too much starch leads to eating breaks, changes in the intestinal flora, swelling, diarrhea, fermentation, adiposity.

That's why vets recommend a crude fiber-starch ratio of at least 3: 1.

How do I actually know how much starch my food contains?
The composition is very useful here: whole grain kernels (with starchy flour body), field beans, potatoes or peas are an indication that a higher starch content must be taken into account.

always fresh rodent food ALWAYS FRESH FOR THE CHINCHILLAS!

As a specialist in the field of rodent nutrition, you as a customer benefit from our knowledge and experience. This is also reflected in our purchasing & storage policy, for example. We focus on fresh and fresh instead of much and cheap. Hay, herbs and food must be fresh and stored in the right way, which is why we purchase such products in a smart way so that you always benefit from fresh and fresh food!

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