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Checklist for the guinea pig The guinea pig

Although they are on the menu in some countries, they are dear pets in the Netherlands that you will keep within 2 seconds!

The way of communicating the Cavia is particularly recognizable. The beeps as soon as the refrigerator opens and the happy look when he sees you with something tasty. Magnificent!

Guinea pigs are very friendly animals that live in groups. In our home a Cavia can never be held alone. Always at least two guinea pigs.


The Cavia needs a spacious stay. This also in particular because they are kept with two or more animals. Guinea pigs can not stand upright, so the stay does not have to be very high, just like a cook's neck.


Guinea pigs are intelligent animals that like to have something to do. Give them a challenge that they can use regularly, such as an intelligence game for example.


A Cavia can not make vitamin C itself. It is therefore important that he gets this food in the diet. All Cavia feeders are provided with extra vitamin c, but often not enough. It is advisable to administer extra vitamin C via a pill or extra vegetables such as a bell pepper. This contains a lot of vitamin C.

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