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Gerbil drinking bottle and water bottle or water bowl for gerbils

You can buy Gerbil Drinking Bottles & Water Bowls easily and quickly at DRD Knaagdierwinkel® The Gerbil Webshop for your Gerbil!

Gerbils need a drinking bottle to drink hygienically. However, a good drinking bottle is a challenge because Gerbils are real rodents! This must be taken into account when choosing and placing the drinking bottle. If there is a lack of gnawing material or toys , the Gerbils can start gnawing on their drinking bottle. The best option for Gerbils is therefore a glass drinking bottle.

Fortunately, we offer a range of high-quality (glass) drinking bottles that are especially suitable for Gerbils. With a glass drinking bottle you ensure that your Gerbils can drink safely without damaging the bottle. Choose quality and sustainability with our glass drinking bottles for Gerbils.

Which drinking bottle is suitable for Gerbils?

Gerbils are known for their gnawing behavior, they are real rodents and a plastic drinking bottle cannot withstand their sharp teeth. That is why we recommend a glass drinking bottle for Gerbils. Our glass drinking bottles are completely gnaw-proof and long-lasting, allowing your Gerbils to drink in a safe and sustainable way.

Why are there plastic drinking bottles in the Gerbil category?

Yet we also have plastic drinking bottles in this Gerbil category, why? This is why there are also enclosures for Gerbils with a grid area. This grid section sometimes covers the entire top of the enclosure and sometimes only partially. A plastic drinking bottle can then be attached to the outside of the grid so that the Gerbils cannot reach it and gnaw it apart.

Not all Gerbils gnaw the drinking bottle. Some Gerbils leave the drinking bottle alone, we hardly believe it, but our customers still indicate that some of the Gerbils do not do this. We have left the plastic drinking bottles for all these sweet and good Gerbils, but for the rascals we recommend the glass drinking bottles!

Why a Drinking Bottle for Gerbils?

The most well-known way of giving water is the drinking bottle. This is easy to attach to the enclosure and gives the Gerbils access to their drinks all day long. A drinking bottle is also very hygienic, as no dirt can get into it. It is very important that the drinking bottle is cleaned regularly, otherwise algae and bacteria can grow in it. These microorganisms are harmful to the health of Gerbils.

Always access to water
Controllable water intake

Another major advantage of a drinking bottle is that you can control your water intake. So you can clearly see how much your gerbils drink and that is important to monitor their health. Animals that are sick and no longer drink are extra vulnerable and can quickly end up in mortal danger due to dehydration.

Can a food bowl be used as a water bowl for the Gerbils?

It is also possible to give the Gerbils water from a drinking bowl. It is very important that the drinking bowl is changed several times a day and placed on a stable surface. Unfortunately, placing a water bowl on the ground cover is not an option because the Gerbils will then undermine it.

Is a water bowl dangerous for young Gerbils?

Yes, a food bowl used as a water dish can be dangerous for young baby Gerbils. This is the case if a litter has been born and the young have already started to walk around a bit, then there is a chance that they will end up in the water bowl with all the consequences that entails. If there is a nest, we recommend placing the water bowl on a platform where the young cannot reach and only offering it when the young are big enough to drink independently from a water bowl.

hang up a gerbil's drinking bottle

As shown in the image above, the drinking bottle for Hamsters can be hung in two ways. We also use this example for the Gerbil! One way forces the Gerbil to stand on its hind legs, as it were, and the other way gives the animal the opportunity to drink on all four legs. What is better? Can you also hang the drinking bottle somewhere in between? We answer all your drinking bottle questions!

How do Gerbils drink in the wild?

Gerbils get a large part of their moisture from their diet . seeds, plant parts and insects naturally already contain some moisture. This is also possible at our home. After all, food always contains some moisture, there is no such thing as completely dry, otherwise it would be dust. For example, if you also give your Gerbils green food, they will obtain a larger part of the required moisture from the green food. You may then notice that your Gerbils drink less. This is because he gets sufficient nutrition from his green food. Living insects such as mealworms also contain a lot of moisture. However, it remains important to always offer a water source in the form of a drinking bottle or a water bowl.

Another way Gerbils drink is by licking the dew drops from plants or catching them with their paws. For this, the Gerbil must stand up straight and they do that well! A Gerbil, unlike a Guinea Pig, is made to stand upright. His entire build is tailored to this and so standing upright is a natural position for a Gerbil. Drinking from a drinking bottle actually imitates the animals' natural way of drinking.

Drinking from a water bowl seems like a natural position, but in the wild Gerbils rarely encounter puddles from which they drink. After all, it is very dry in the desert and moisture must be sought in other ways.

Can a Gerbil get a neck hernia from drinking from a drinking bottle?

No absolutely not. Not a single case has been documented yet and in practice this is not possible. In our blog " Neck hernia due to drinking bottle in rodents & rabbits " we further explain why this is not possible.

How high should the drinking bottle hang for Gerbils?

As we mentioned earlier, the drinking bottle can be hung in two ways , namely slightly higher so that the Gerbil has to stand or slightly lower so that he can drink on all four legs. Both ways are good, but everything in between can be annoying for the Gerbil because he cannot stand on his hind legs or on all fours, so it is not quite it.

We know this can be a challenge due to the ground cover, so it can be useful to hang the drinking bottle in a place with a stable surface. So a place where the Gerbil is stable, for example a plateau or in a sandy part of the enclosure.

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