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The Hamster is a small friendly nibbler who is very popular in the Netherlands. Hamsters are often kept as pets. There are different types of hamsters. We distinguish the following types of ham that are also kept as pets:

- Syrian Hamsters (Goudhamster)
- Russian Dwarf Hamster
- Campbelli Dwarf Hamster
- Chinese Dwarf Hamster
- Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Keep together? No

The hamster is generally a solitary animal. That means that it can not be held together. An exception to this is the Campbelli Dwarf Hamster and the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. These hamsters can be kept together.


The Housing of the hamster also differs per species. Roughly an absolute minimum cage size of 60 x 30 cm is advised and for the Syrian Hamster 80 x 30 cm. Bigger is definitely better for the animals!

Ground cover

Hamstertjes love to dig in ground cover. A thick package of about 20 cm is therefore recommended. It is good to choose for ground cover where the animals can dig in such as: Wood fiber, Mini Hemp, Tumblefresh, Cotton Comfort, Carefresh.

For a dust allergy, we recommend: Back 2 Nature or Corbo.


In terms of food, hamsters do not need a lot per day. about 15 grams per day is sufficient. On the back of the packaging is usually a detailed nutritional advice from the manufacturer. This must be maintained, because the dietary advice may differ per brand.

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