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Buy everything you need for your rodent easily at DRD Rodent Shop®, the online Rodent Webshop for all your Rodent supplies. Are you looking for Rodent articles and supplies? Then you are at the right place at DRD Rodent Shop®
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Buy everything for your Rodent or Rabbit quickly and easily at DRD Rodent Shop ®

Are you looking for Rodent articles and supplies? Then you have come to the right place at DRD Rodent Shop ® . You will find a wide range of Rodent items such as food, toys, houses, nesting material, rodent material, running wheels and much more. Ordering is easy and fast in the DRD Rodent Shop ®

All rodent and rabbit products are sorted into clear categories. Each category has its own theme with matching products. Each product is described in detail so that you get a good idea of the product and its use. In addition, we have stated for each product which animal species it is suitable for. For example, we also have a division for dwarf hamsters and hamsters. With regard to nutrition, for example, we distinguish between "granivores" and "herbivores".

With regard to the suitability of certain products, we have always looked at the natural behavior of the animals. Our advice is therefore always based on natural behavior and its stimulation. For that reason, we do not recommend climbing toys for hamsters, but we do recommend this for mice and rats.

Food and snacks have received extra symbols from us that indicate which animal it is suitable for, but also provide information about how it works. For example, herbal snacks are good for digestion and chewing snacks are good for teeth. We have shown this with symbols so that this can be seen immediately.

To help with Hamsterscapen , we have not only created a special category, but also provided many products that are used with a symbol. The latter applies in particular to ground covers that can be dug and in which tunnels remain, which have been given a 'scape' tunnel symbol by us. All ground covers state whether or not they are suitable for hamster scapes and how they can be used. In addition to a good explanation, we also immediately give a little inspiration!

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