Basic furnishings for a Dwarf Hamster

You need this as a basis for a dwarf hamster. A house to hide in, an exercise wheel to burn off energy and of course dwarf hamster food and toys.

This basic equipment is intended for one dwarf hamster, so not for dwarf hamsters that are kept together in a couple or group (Campbelli, Roborovski). We understand better than anyone that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, which is why we are happy to help you. hand. Below you will find products that we recommend as a good basis for dwarf hamsters. Of course... tastes differ, that's why we kept it as natural as possible. Below we will explain our choices.

Dwarf hamster cage

We have opted for a glass enclosure with sliding doors at the front for the dwarf hamster. Because dwarf hamsters are prey animals, they do not like to be approached from above, which is why we have opted for an enclosure where the animals are approached from the front. This will also be very helpful in taming new animals as they will not be easily startled by you if you approach from the front. The terrarium also has very good ventilation thanks to the two grilles (bottom and top).

The minimum dimensions for a dwarf hamster enclosure are 80 x 40 cm.

Ground cover

As bedding we have chosen Cotton & Cotton below, this is a very pleasant bedding that is very well accepted by all dwarf hamsters. Thanks to the good absorption, this bedding also saves a lot of time and money for the owner!

The height of the bottom layer of the bedding for small rodents

Sleeping houses

Dwarf hamsters preferably need one sleeping house and several shelters. We have chosen the corner house here because it is very practical to place in a corner. This saves space in the accommodation. However, dwarf hamsters like multiple houses, which is why we have added this natural-looking igloo house to the base. Your dwarf hamster will thank you!

Nesting material

Dwarf hamsters are real nest builders, so the animals always need nesting material to be able to exhibit their natural behavior. We chose kapok as nesting material, but cotton or hemp nesting material could also be used. Kapok is nice and warm and dwarf hamsters like to line their nest with this.

Running wheel

We have chosen the popular Forest exercise wheel as the exercise wheel. This exercise wheel actually fits into any natural setting and is large enough for dwarf hamsters. The disadvantage of wood is that it gets dirty more quickly, but fortunately we have solved that problem with the CSI Spray . It is also possible to lacquer a wooden running wheel, making it water-repellent. Unfortunately, not every type of paint is suitable for this, but luckily we have one that is 100% safe for animals -> Clear coat

Nice extra! The nails wear well on a wooden running wheel

Dwarf hamster food

Of course your dwarf hamster also needs food, but not just any food, the best food! We have found out for you which food this is. We have listed all the foods and compared the compositions. The Bunny Nature Dwarf Hamster Expert came out on top and therefore should not be missing from the basic equipment.


In the wild, dwarf hamsters spend large parts of their time gathering food. They often go into the fields and carry different types of seeds in their cheek pouches. Collecting (we also call it harvesting) seeds is part of the natural behavior of animals. We have looked very specifically at which plant species promote this behavior and the linseed plant is one of them, so let the harvesting begin!

Gnawing material

As a gnawing material, we have chosen responsible gnawing material consisting of 100% natural hazelnut wood that is sprinkled with dried vegetables and herbs. The animals enjoy nibbling on it and can also grind their teeth in this way.


We have dried mealworms as a snack. Dwarf hamsters love dried mealworms! Dwarf hamsters are mainly granivores (seed eaters), but in the wild they also eat proteins in the form of worms, beetles, snails, etc. It is therefore good to supplement their diet at home with, for example, dried mealworms. The worms also work very well with new animals to attract them to you.

Drinking bottle

They are the simplest bottles, but they work the best!

Drinking bottle holder

Nowadays we mainly keep dwarf hamsters in glass enclosures and it is a hassle to place a bottle in this, which is why we have developed special drinking bottle holders that you can easily place on the glass with a magnet.


Almost finally we added moss. You're probably wondering what added value this has. It looks beautiful in an enclosure and the animals enjoy walking on it. You can also use the moss part as a solid surface for a feeding bowl or to place something nice on it.


Dwarf hamsters love sand bathing, which is why we have added a ready-made natural sandbox plus sand to this basic concept.

If you really want to Hamsterscape, more is needed, as we will show in the other articles that can be found in the inspiration category. But now you at least have the foundation from which you can build further. You can view the products below and easily order what you like! If you have any questions or need help, we are of course happy to assist you!

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