Classic Smurfs Drinking Bottle for Rodents & Rabbits
Smurfs Drinking Bottle for Rodents & Rabbits €3,99

Smurfs Drinking Bottle for Rodents & Rabbits

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Product description

Smurf Drinking Bottle for Rodents & Rabbits - A Sparkling Smurftastic Adventure!

Step into the magical world of the Smurfs with this amazing drinking bottle, directly inspired by the adventures of our little blue friends! This is not just a drinking bottle, this is a unique and hilarious accessory that you should not miss in the rodent and rabbit enclosure.

This drinking bottle is inspired by the adventures and characters from the new Smurfs series! This resulted in a cool, unique and funny range. This nice Smurf drinking bottle is made of sturdy plastic and the aluminum drinking spout has a double ball to prevent leaks. With the bracket you can easily attach the bottle to the enclosure. A not-to-be-missed Smurftastic accessory for the enclosure!

Easy to attach to the bars
Stainless steel spout
Always fresh drinking water

Made of sturdy plastic, this Smurf drinking bottle is as robust as Papa Smurf himself. And to prevent leaks, a smart aluminum drinking spout with a double ball has been added. It's Smurftastic drinking water without spilling!

Instructions for use Classic Smurfs Drinking Bottle

You can effortlessly attach the bottle to the bars of the enclosure with the handy bracket. It's like you've created a special Smurf water source that your furry friends will love. Refreshing, tasty water is now always within reach!

These Smurf Drinking Bottles are suitable for all rodents and rabbits, but we have to be honest with our real rodents such as Gerbils, Chinchillas and Degus. For them, we recommend placing the plastic drinking bottle outside the enclosure or in a fort made of Smurf-proof materials to prevent them from turning it into a Smurf feast.

And let's not forget how to use this bottle, because even Smurfs need instructions. Fill the bottle completely with fresh water to ensure that it does not leak. Give the spout a tap to make sure no naughty air bubble is left behind. We don't want our Smurfs to stay thirsty! Hang the bottle upright, tap the ball with your finger and make sure the water flows. Wet fingers are proof of a successful Smurf drinking session!

Each drinking bottle has its own personality when it comes to watering. Some drip like a heavy rain shower, while others pour the water a little more slowly. It is a surprise that you must experience!

If you have social rodents that live in a group, it is wise to have several drinking bottles so that everyone can quench their thirst. We don't want thirsty arguments between our Smurf friends, right? Dominant animals can claim the bottle as if it were their personal Smurf treasure.

And for the little ones among us, young animals, we recommend placing a water bowl in addition to the drinking bottle. This way they always have access to water until they get used to drinking from a bottle. After all, Smurfs have to learn!

If for some reason your animals do not want or cannot drink from the drinking bottle, don't panic! Just try a different bottle that better suits their Smurf style. Every rodent has its own preferences, just like our Smurf friends.

And for our real gnawing champions such as Gerbils, Chinchillas and Degus, we must protect the drinking bottle like a Smurf village. We don't want them to gnaw it apart and escape to Smurfland!

So, dive into the world of the Smurfs and give your rodents and rabbits a Smurftastic adventure with this special drinking bottle. It's going to be a gnawing fest that Gargamel would envy!

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Material: Plastic
Dimensions (approx): differs
Diameter (approx): -
Content (approx): 100 ml | 250 ml | 500 ml | 1000 ml
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Classic Smurfs Drinking Bottle for Rodents & Rabbits
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