This can help rodents in the fall

The leaves are falling from the trees, it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Would our rodents and rabbits notice that autumn has arrived? We are sure they will and we are happy to help them through the fall!

Do the animals notice that autumn is coming?

Yes, we are convinced that rodents and rabbits notice this. We see it happen and the animals not only see it, but also feel it. For example, the days are getting shorter. That is the first trigger for the animals that change is in the air. In addition, it is getting colder, both outside and at home.

The fur coat is being made

Some rodents, such as the Russian Dwarf Hamster, prepare very well for winter, which starts in the fall. As soon as these animals notice that the days are getting shorter, for example because they are standing in a room that is not lit at night, their body receives a signal that a winter coat needs to be produced. Did you know that males become infertile when they grow winter fur?

How do rodents prepare for winter during autumn?

The bunnies that stay outside start producing winter fur to stay nice and warm in the winter and the Syrian Hamsters should not notice that winter is coming, otherwise they may go into hibernation.

With Ratjes we can notice that they spend more and more time together in a warm hammock or snuggle together in a cozy house. Rats are real heat lovers. In addition to being social animals, they keep warm together, which is why it is very important to keep these animals together. Actually just like mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and degus.

Can we give the animals a helping hand in the fall?

Yes, that is certainly possible! Each animal, of course, in its own way. In the overview below we have highlighted some winter products that can help you get through the winter. We also discuss them one by one to explain their use and purpose.

1. Resistance: If resistance is supported in the autumn by, for example, herbs or vitamins, it will remain better during the winter and the animals will feel better. A good multivitamin can help with this, but it does not have to be given all year round. Offering it during the autumn months ensures a good vitamin build-up that supports the body during the winter months.

2. Herbs: Can provide excellent resistance support. The number 1 herb when it comes to resistance is of course Echinacea ! Of course we can't forget Parsley . This small but powerful plant stimulates the kidneys to remove waste products from the body and the less waste products there are in the body, the less the body is burdened and therefore more energy is left for building up resistance. If animals are short of breath or have respiratory problems, Thyme can have a very good supporting effect.

3. Vegetables: Healthy and complete nutrition is of course very important. In addition, these vegetables increase resistance. Already in the autumn you can start feeding: celeriac , parsnip , parsley root or beetroot so that the coat can start building up.

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