Knaagdierwinkel® Terrarium/Gerbilarium Black Scape with sliding door, double grille & high edge
Terrarium/Gerbilarium Black Scape with sliding door, double grille & high edge €159,99 €179,99

Terrarium/Gerbilarium Black Scape with sliding door, double grille & high edge

€179,99 €159,99
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Product description

Meet the first rodent Terrarium / Gerbilarium with double ventilation!

Hamsterscapes in all-glass enclosures have been extremely popular for years. Until now, this often happened in converted aquariums or modified terrariums. These enclosures either had a double grille for good ventilation, but offered no protection against gnawing, or they had a single grille at the top, which resulted in poorer ventilation due to the lack of the thermosiphon principle .

Ideal for hamsterscaping and gerbilscaping !
High edge of 25 cm
Made of 4 mm thick glass
Includes aluminum top and bottom grille. The bottom grille is protected by a special profile to prevent gnawing

The Terrarium Black Scape is specially designed for creating beautiful Hamsterscaping and Gerbilscaping landscapes. With its high edge, this terrarium offers enough space for the use of plenty of litter, in which small rodents such as mice and dwarf hamsters can nest.

Terrariums and Air Circulation: The Magic Behind Airflow

Our Black Scape terrariums have been carefully designed to provide optimal air circulation for the animals housed. It has a well-thought-out ventilation system that is beneficial for the well-being of the rodents. But how does this actually work?

Air grille on the top: The terrarium is equipped with an air grille that extends over the entire length of the top. This top grille acts as the outlet for warm air in the terrarium. Warm air naturally rises, and this grille provides an outlet for that warm air.

Second grille Fresh air intake: This second grille acts as the intake point for fresh air from outside the terrarium. Here, fresh air is drawn in from outside through the gnaw-resistant grille at the front. This air is cooler and contains more oxygen than the air inside the terrarium.

Protected grille at the front: At the front of the terrarium there is a protected grille that also runs along the entire length. It is very important to note that this grille is protected with a gnaw-resistant profile to prevent rodents from damaging it.

Natural convection: The system uses the principle of natural convection. Warm air rises and cold air descends. This phenomenon is called thermosiphon. The warm air in the terrarium rises to the top grille at the top of the terrarium.

Air circulation: The natural thermosiphon circulation of warm air rising and cold air sinking creates continuous air circulation. This means that the warm, used air in the terrarium is exhausted through the top grille, while fresh air from outside is drawn in through the low, gnaw-resistant grille at the front.

This air circulation ensures healthy air quality in the terrarium, minimizes odors and prevents the air from stagnating. The result is an optimal living environment in which the animals can exhibit their natural behavior without the risk of respiratory infections due to insufficient ventilation. In addition, the risk of parasites is reduced because the terrarium reduces the humidity thanks to good ventilation. Pests such as parasites, mites, lice, etc. prefer higher humidity.

What exactly does this thermosiphon principle of a Terrarium / Gerbilarium entail and what does this mean for you and your animal?

At thermosiphon we use the principles of thermodynamics. Warm air rises and cold air sinks and we use this kinetic energy to give your animal good ventilation in the enclosure.

In a home with only one ventilation point, regardless of the size of the grille at the top, the warm air rises upwards. But due to the lack of a good supply of cold, fresh air, this warm air can only leave the accommodation at a minimum, because there is a vacuum. But if we break this vacuum with a second grille, placed lower than the top grille, we can fill it with clean, fresh air and good ventilation is created.

The Benefits of Our Ventilation System

Our ventilation system offers numerous benefits, not only for the residents of the terrarium, but also for the owners:

  • Healthy Air Quality : The constant air circulation ensures healthy air quality in the terrarium, which significantly reduces the risk of respiratory infections.

  • Minimizing Odors : It prevents odors from accumulating, keeping the indoor environment fresh and pleasant.

  • Prevention of Parasites : Thanks to the effective air circulation, the humidity is reduced, which significantly reduces the risk of pests such as parasites, mites, lice and the like. These pests thrive in a moist environment.

  • Temperature control : The ventilation system also helps regulate the temperature in the terrarium, preventing overheating.

Single Top Grille versus Double Top and Bottom Grille

A question that often arises is whether a single top grille or a lid in the form of a grille that covers the entire top is better than a system with two grilles, namely both a top and a bottom grille. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

A single top grille/lid can provide maximum air circulation, but this is often accompanied by less suction power. This is because air circulation in an enclosed space is driven by natural convection, where warm air rises and cold air falls. In the case of a single top grille, air circulation cannot be sufficiently stimulated.

A system with two grilles, namely a top and bottom grille, ensures more controlled and efficient air circulation. Air circulation is stimulated by the natural movement of warm and cold air, with the lower opening providing the intake of cool air and the upper grille removing the warm air.

The choice between these systems depends on specific needs and priorities. If safety and control over air circulation are more important, a dual grille system may be preferable.

What do you notice about this double ventilation?

Less stench, because the odors of urine and organic waste are removed much faster. But also much better air quality, so that your animal does not get respiratory infections due to a lack of ventilation.

With this terrarium with double ventilation you can enjoy a fresh and healthy living environment for your beloved animal!

50 cm high for extra space!

In addition, the terrarium is 50 cm high, which provides space to place a running wheel on the ground cover. This terrarium is ideal for, for example, " Hamsterscaping ". Thanks to the high edge, a lot of litter can be used, which the small rodents can then dig into. The terrarium is suitable for small rodents such as: Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters and Gerbils.

Custom terrarium design?

If you want to start keeping small rodents such as Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters or Gerbils, but don't know where to start, we are here to help you! After all, our knowledge is your advantage! This way you can see which terrarium is suitable for which rodent based on the logos on the product images. Once you've chosen a terrarium, we can help you put it together. We can put together a basic setup for you and provide documentation, so that the research is taken off your hands.

Do you choose shipping?

If you choose to ship the terrarium, it will be shipped to you by pallet shipment. In this case, the delivery time is between 2 and 3 working days. Please note that the terrarium cannot be returned once received. In the event of (minor) damage, where the item is still usable, we offer an appropriate discount.

NB! It is very important to check the terrarium together with the driver upon delivery. In case of serious damage that makes the terrarium no longer usable, you must refuse the terrarium upon delivery. Once the terrarium has been accepted without damage being reported to the driver, no damage can be reported later.

terrarium gerbilarium with sliding door double grille high edge hamster scaping

Afmetingen: 80 x 40 x 50 cm | 100 x 40 x 50 cm | 100 x 50 x 50 cm
bar spacing (approx): n.v.t.
Material: Glass, Metal (grid), Plastic glass rail
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil
Particularities: -
Knaagdierwinkel® Terrarium/Gerbilarium Black Scape with sliding door, double grille & high edge
10 / 10
10 / 10
Rik 01 August 2023

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