Basic furnishings for a mouse

You need this as a basis for mice. A basic house for the entire group, small shelters, an exercise wheel to burn off energy and of course good food and toys.

Mice are social animals, love climbing and a lot of challenges. However, the biggest challenge with mice is the smell of the pee. Mice have a specific urine smell and place small puddles everywhere in their enclosure to mark their territory. We have taken this into account in the basic design below and provided specific solutions for it.

Mouse cage

We opted for a glass enclosure for the mice with two (gnaw-proof) grilles for optimal ventilation. The minimum dimensions for a mouse enclosure are 80 x 40 cm for two mice. For four or more mice, an enclosure of 100 x 40 or 100 x 50 cm is best.

Ground cover

As bedding we have chosen Cotton & Cotton below, this is a very pleasant bedding that is very well accepted by all mice. Mice regularly suffer from respiratory problems, so these animals should be given dust-free bedding such as cotton. Thanks to the good absorption, this bedding also saves a lot of time and money for the owner!

The height of the bottom layer of the bedding for small rodents

Sleeping houses

Mice preferably need one sleeping house and several shelters. Mice are social animals that generally like to sleep together. There must therefore be at least one house large enough for the entire group (the basic house). We have taken the Rodipet multi-room house below as our basic house. The handy thing about this house is that the roof is removable, so you can always take a look at the animals if necessary. However, mice like multiple houses, which is why we have also added coconut houses to the base. Your mice will thank you!

Nesting material

Mice are real nest builders, so the animals always need nesting material to be able to exhibit their natural behavior. We chose Crinkle Nesting Material as nesting material. Paper absorbs moisture very well and is also very playful. The animals can not only make a nest out of it, but also play with it.

TIP! For example, create a play and dig area in the enclosure by filling a box with Crinkle Nesting Material and sprinkling some treats in it. The animals will love it!

Running wheel

We have chosen the popular Wooden Rodipet running wheel as the running wheel. This exercise wheel actually fits into any natural design and is large enough for mice. You would think that a mouse is very small and therefore needs a small exercise wheel, but nothing could be further from the truth. Mice have a fairly long body and long tail that must be able to move safely while running. The disadvantage of wood is that it gets dirty more quickly, but fortunately we have solved that problem with the CSI Spray . It is also possible to lacquer a wooden running wheel, making it water-repellent. We really recommend this for mice. Unfortunately, not every type of paint is suitable for this, but luckily we have one that is 100% safe for animals -> Clear coat

Mouse food

Of course your mice also need food, but not just any food, the best food! We have found out for you which food this is. We have listed all the foods and compared the compositions. The Bunny Nature Mice Expert came out on top and therefore should not be missing from the basic equipment.


In the wild, mice spend large parts of their time gathering food. They often go into the fields and take different types of seeds with them. Collecting (we also call it harvesting) seeds is part of the natural behavior of animals. We have looked very specifically at which plant species promote this behavior and the linseed plant is one of them, so let the harvesting begin!

Gnawing material

As a gnawing material, we have chosen responsible gnawing material consisting of 100% natural hazelnut wood that is sprinkled with dried vegetables and herbs. The animals enjoy nibbling on it and can also grind their teeth in this way.


We have pumpkin seeds as a snack. Mice love pumpkin seeds and they are also responsible and healthy! Because mice can quickly develop obesity, it is important to give the animals responsible and preferably natural snacks. Pumpkin seeds are very healthy and contain good fats that ensure a radiant coat.

Drinking bottle

They are the simplest bottles, but they work the best! Depending on the group, the ideal drinking bottle has a capacity of 75 - 150 ml.

Drinking bottle holder

Nowadays we mainly keep mice in glass enclosures and it is a hassle to place a bottle in them, which is why we have developed special drinking bottle holders that you can easily place on the glass with a magnet.

Cork tunnel

Why a cork tunnel? A cork tunnel is a very versatile item! You can simply place this on the ground cover, but you can also dig it diagonally against a higher part or under the ground cover so that the animals have an underground burrow. In short, you can go in any direction with the cork tunnel. Of course, there is also a challenge here with keeping the tunnel clean, because mice pee everywhere, but that problem has also been tackled thanks to the CSI Spray.


Mice are real climbers. In our basic design we have assumed that the mice will live in a glass terrarium, which is why we have a playground here that you can place on the bottom or a plateau. As mentioned, mice love to climb. Thanks to their long tail, they can keep their balance and clamber around wonderfully. The playground we have chosen can be filled with a different ground cover to further increase the playful effect. For example, you can also fill it with the Crinkle Nesting Material and scatter the pumpkin seeds around in it.

You can view the products below and easily order what you like! If you have any questions or need help, we are of course happy to assist you!

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