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Bunny Nature HamsterDream Expert 500 grams Hamster food
HamsterDream Expert 500 grams Hamster food €7,99 €8,95

HamsterDream Expert 500 grams Hamster food

€8,95 €7,99
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Product description

Bunny Nature HamsterDream Expert 500 grams Hamster food

bunny hamster dream expert Some hamsters love to eat pellets and extrudates, while others always leave them untouched in their bowls. Due to their picky nature, these hamsters have to deal with a lack of important nutrients, such as vitamins and trace elements. Vital plus granivore, a special mix of vitamins and trace elements, makes the use of pellets and extrudates in the expert products unnecessary.

The Bunny HamsterDroom Exper is a specialist complete food for hamsters. Without extrudates and without pellets. The nutritional needs of hamsters and the latest scientific research were central to the development of Bunny HamsterDroom Basic.

"This food is suitable for diabetes-prone Hamsters"

The composition is optimally adapted to the natural nutritional needs of hamsters. The ingredients present are based on the natural environment of hamsters. Bunny has really looked at the original diet of hamsters as it is in nature.


  • With VitalPlus Granivore
    Special mix of vitamins and trace elements
  • With high-quality power ingredients
    Quinoa & mung beans
  • With crispy, vital vegetables
    Carrot, parsnip & beetroot
  • With delicious mealworms
  • Balanced Long-Life Recipe
    All components are important and correctly dosed
  • Selected extras from the hamster's country of origin
    Oa barley, oats & linseed
  • VitalPlus Granivore
    Special mix of vitamins and trace elements


The Bunny Nature Happiness Formula

Happiness starts with the right, balanced diet. That's the starting point. Rodents that are fed a balanced diet are happy and healthy. And rodents that don't have to worry about their next meal are especially happy and healthy. Which brings us straight to the Bunny Nature happiness formula. The Bunny recipes are always based on the absolute interests of the rodents. Bunny knows that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make the feed available to the animals ad libitum. so they can always fulfill their needs without overeating or becoming overweight. With its unique bunny recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced feed, the highest quality ingredients and a particularly controlled production...to cover the nutritional needs of your rodent. as nature shows us. And of course that happens without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugars, colorings & aromas.

Bunny Nature about the hamster

The hamster is a small, granivorous (seed-eating) mammal and belongs to the order of the rodents. It lives solitary in nature. He only seeks social contacts for mating and while raising the young. He is therefore best left alone as a pet. The hamster has a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years and reaches a body length of about 18 cm and a weight of about 180 g.

The hamster comes from Syria and southern Turkey. Here he largely lives in underground tunnels, which he prefers to make in sandy clay soils and is active during the day. Hamsters kept as pets are more likely to be active at night.

Small but brave. The nutritional needs of the fast hamsters are multiple.

The Incisors

Hamsters have incisors that keep growing. The food must therefore still be reasonably firm to bite on (e.g. with different seeds that can be peeled)

The stomach

The stomach consists of two 'chambers', namely the fore-stomach and the glandular stomach.

The appendix

The 'granivore' (seed-eating) hamster has a small cecum. It can only process raw fibers to a limited extent. The optimum crude fiber content in the feed is therefore below 10%.

Animal proteins

Animal proteins are needed for metabolism. The amount should be carefully adjusted to the needs of the animal.

High energy requirement

Hamsters are real bundles of energy. They like to move and have a greater energy requirement due to their high metabolism.

bunny nature rodent food

Content: 500 grams
Composition: Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, bean sprouts (6.5%), barley, oats, quinoa seeds (6%), maize, barley flakes, oat seeds, carrots (3.6%), sesame, silver millet, linseed, red millet, grass seed, parsnips (1.6%), mealworms (1%), calcium carbonate,
Analysis: Crude protein 15% · Crude oils and fats 6.5% · Crude fiber 6% · Ash 5.5% · Calcium 0.5% · Phosphorus 0.4%, Vit. A 6,500 IE ∙ Vit. D3 520 IE ∙ Vit. E / all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 58.5 mg ∙ Copper as copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate 3.4 mg ∙ Iodine a
Suitable for: Rodents, Hamster
Particularities: -
Bunny Nature HamsterDream Expert 500 grams Hamster food
Rodent packages
10 / 10
10 / 10
Kim Visscher 22 April 2021

Mijn hamster doet het hier ook goed op, hij's op erg energiek in de avond/nacht!
Het is mooi gevaireeerd voer, met veel protiene, goede verhouding van voedingstoffen, en het ruikt ook nog eens lekker.
Het is wel aan de dure kant, maar het gaat ook lang mee.

10 / 10
Eline 01 May 2020

Mijn hamster doet het hier super op

10 / 10
Josje 01 November 2019

Super fijn en mijn hamster vind het lekker :)

10 / 10
Zoë van den Berg 17 April 2019

Hele goeie voeding voor mijn Syrische hamster, geeft veel variatie en gaat redelijk lang mee. Wel prijzig, maar dat heb ik er voor over!

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