Elmato Terracotta Mushroom House for Rodents!
Terracotta Mushroom House for Rodents! €19,99 €24,99

Terracotta Mushroom House for Rodents!

€24,99 €19,99
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Product description

Terracotta Mushroom House for Small Rodents - A hideaway that seems straight out of the enchanting rodent forest!

cool for rodents during hot days

The Terracotta Mushroom House is not just a house, it is a stylish and natural-looking shelter in the shape of a mushroom. It adds a touch of magic to any natural enclosure or hamsterscaping themed enclosure. Your little rodents will love their own mushroom house! Terracotta is also a very nice material because it helps the nails to wear down.

Supports the regulation of body temperature
Cool in summer
Warm in winter
Terracotta helps the nails to wear down
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !

This cottage is quite spacious, thanks to its wide design. It offers enough space for small rodents such as mice, gerbils and hamsters to retreat and relax. They can nestle in this cozy spot, which gives them a feeling of security.

And let's talk about the material - terracotta. Not only does it look great, but it also has practical benefits. Terracotta supports the regulation of the body temperature of your little friends. In summer it provides a pleasant coolness, while in winter it retains heat. The house adapts to the needs of your rodents, so that they can stay comfortably all year round.

What is terracotta?

But that's not all! Terracotta has another secret weapon - it helps wear down your rodents' nails. So while they enjoy their mushroom house, their nails are automatically maintained. Double win!

Terracotta is Italian and derived from the Latin terra (earth) and the Italian cotta (baked). Terracotta is unglazed, hard-fired earthenware. Because terracotta is not glazed, it is quite rough, which means that the nails of rodents can wear out when animals walk over them.

Is terracotta easy to clean?

Yes, terracotta can be easily cleaned by rinsing it under water, for example. If a puddle ends up on terracotta, it can easily be rinsed out or treated with a urine spray .

This Terracotta Mushroom House is not only functional, it is also a beautiful addition to your rodent environment. It fits perfectly with a hamsterscaping or gerbilscaping theme and adds a touch of natural beauty.

So give your little rodents the chance to hide in style with this Terracotta Mushroom House. They will immediately feel at home and enjoy the benefits of this fantastic material. Let your rodents discover the magic of the mushroom world!

Dimensions (approx): 17 x 15 cm
Openings (approx): 8 x 7 cm
Material: Terracotta Ceramics (Unglazed/Rough)
Open Bottom: No
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbil
Particularities: *The ceramic may show imperfections.
Elmato Terracotta Mushroom House for Rodents!
8.7 / 10
10 / 10
Laura 04 September 2022

Ontzettend schattig huisje. Wordt geleverd in een stevige doos en is perfect voor warm weer. De paddenstoel is absoluut groot, maar in een natuurlijke stijl terrarium vind ik het zeker niet storend. Ik gebruik 'm voor verschillende soorten bodembedekking zodat mijn hamster erin kan spelen (zandbak, kokosaarde, etc.) en vindt hem zeer regelmatig in zijn huisje.

6 / 10
Naomi 05 September 2020

Ziet er goed uit, maar echt enorm groot

10 / 10
JMJ 01 January 2020

Prachtig huisje voor dwerghamsters en voor Syrtjes. De bodem is gesloten, dus compact. Kan eventueel als zandbak worden gebruikt.

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