Rodipet Cork tunnel M
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Cork tunnel M

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Product description

Rodipet Cork Tunnel M for small rodents!

Cork tunnels natural and unique. Each cork tunnel has its own shape and that makes them so nice to use for hamster scapes, for example. The cork tunnel stimulates natural behavior in small rodents, because it has a tunnel shape. Small rodents such as Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters, Gerbils and Degus also live in tunnels and holes in the wild, which is why they feel completely at home around a cork tunnel!

Made from 100% natural, untreated cork bark
High quality cork (made from a piece of cork bark from the cork oak)
Stimulates natural behavior
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !

Cork tunnels not only provide a hiding place, but also give the animals the opportunity to climb a bit. A cork tunnel is absolutely no challenge for mice, gerbils and degus, because these animals can climb well, but for dwarf hamsters that is a different story. Dwarf hamsters are naturally bad climbers, but they will be so proud of themselves if they brave a cork tunnel!

Are the nails cared for by the cork tunnel?

Thanks to the irregular shapes of the cork tunnel, the nails are indeed carefully cared for as the animals clamber over them. However, the cork tunnel has no abrasive properties, it is more of a small pedicure.

How can I set up the cork tunnel in a challenging way?

We believe that the cork tunnel can also be used as a form of challenge for the animals. Thanks to the irregular shape of the bark, mice, gerbils and degus can easily get a grip on it. For example, place the tunnel for these animals at a slight angle upwards to a higher floor or use the tunnel as a form of bridge from one part to another. However, do not do this with Dwarf Hamsters, because these animals cannot climb well and do not see depth. For Hamsters, for example, the tunnel can be dug into the ground cover, so that the animals have a tunnel.

Can you hide snacks in the bark of the cork tunnel?

Yes! We have discovered that the cork tunnel can be used as a great snack hiding place. Simply place a treat between the jagged cracks in the bark and let the animals search for it and then try to get to it. What a great activity! Just like in the wild!

Is the cork tunnel big enough to walk through?

The inner diameter of these cork tunnels is between 8 and 12 cm, which should be enough for mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters and gerbils, but for the larger Degus it can become tight.

cork tunnel rodents and hamsterscaping

The bark is not made in the factory, but comes from the cork tree. The bark is removed from the tree with all its natural elements intact, such as moss, natural fungi, roots, twigs, leaves, etc. You can easily brush these natural elements off the bark.

Material: Cork
Dimensions (approx): 1 cork tunnel, approx. 20 cm long, inside Ø approx. 8-12 cm
Diameter (approx): Ø 8-12 cm
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Degu | Decoration
Particularities: Because it is a natural product, dimensions may vary, the diameter is not always suitable for walking through and parts may be different than shown in the picture.
Rodipet Cork tunnel M
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