Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co
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Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co

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Product description

Versele Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co

Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co is a versatile rodent food that is suitable for several small rodents. Thanks to the varied composition, this complete food offers everything your small rodent needs to stay in good condition and health. Hamsters and other small rodents will enjoy this tasty and versatile food.

The tasty and protein-rich Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co for hamsters and other omnivorous rodents is a complete food. With delicious puffed grains, lots of vegetables and tasty nuts… Really Sunny! A varied mix for gourmets. Thanks to the "Happy & Healthy" pellets, this Crispy Muesli contains all the nutrients your animal needs to live a healthy and happy life. The energy-rich composition also keeps the animals in top shape. Extra tasty for a good recording.

Energetic mixture, a treat for your hamster, gerbil, mouse or rat
Enriched with the "Happy & Healthy" grain for a top condition
Convenient to use due to the resealable fresh packaging

Is Versele Laga Crispy Hamster & Co complete rodent food?

Yes, it is a complete staple food for small rodents (Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats), because the food contains an extensive analysis, it can be given as a staple food.

Nutritional advice Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co

Depending on size, breed and age, an average daily serving of 10 to 15 g is appropriate for a hamster.

The Fat-tailed gerbil must also receive (dried) insects in addition to its main food. Fat-tailed gerbils are naturally insect eaters. This is also clearly visible in the pointed snout. Gerbil food is a very good basis for the Fat-tailed Gerbil, but it must be fed (dried) mealworms, crickets, beetles and other insects daily. To meet this nutritional requirement, we also have various insect mixes for the animals.

Storage advice Versele Laga Crispy Muesli Hamster & Co

Keep cool dark and dry. Use within 4 weeks of opening.
We do not recommend buying too much food at once. If a larger stock is needed, always keep it dark, cool and tightly closed.

Content (approx): 400 grams | 1 kg | 2,75 kg | 20 kg
Composition: Vegetable by-products, grains (40%), vegetables, minerals, seeds
Analysis: Protein 15%, fat content 10%, crude fiber 7%, crude ash 3%, calcium 0.5%, phosphorus 0.4%, Vitamin A 9100 IU, vitamin D3 1500 IU, vitamin E 35 mg, E1 (iron) 40 mg, E2 (iodine) 1.5 mg, E4 (copper) 7 mg, E5 (manganese) 55 mg, E6 (zinc) 51 mg, E8 (selenium)
Promotes Foraging: Yes, by scattering around
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Hamster, Gerbil
Particularities: -
Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamsters & Co
9.3 / 10
10 / 10
Kyra 03 March 2023

Goed gevarieerd voer. Mijn hammie vind het super lekker!

  • + Goede variatie

10 / 10
Nisah 26 September 2022

Mijn hamsters vinden dit erg lekker

10 / 10
Nadine Nowak 01 August 2022

Door de ratjes wordt het goed aangenomen. En als de Gerbil`s en Veeltepelmuizen iets laten liggen weten de ratjes er wel raad mee. Prima voer, fijne variatie.

8 / 10
twan 13 September 2020

Goed voer maar er mogen wel wat minder pellets in .

10 / 10
Anouschka 03 June 2020

Mijn muizen vinden het heerlijk! met de grootste doe je ook best lang.

10 / 10
Anouschka 18 April 2020

Grote zak gaat lang mee en de beestjes vinden het heerlijk.

10 / 10
Priscilla 02 April 2019

Fijn te hergebruiken door de sluiting. En allebei mijn dwerghamsters zijn er gek op :)

10 / 10
Tugba 01 April 2018

Een goed product, ik koop dit al jaren voor mijn hamsters.

10 / 10
kasia j. 01 February 2018

Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.

8 / 10
a.c. A. 01 January 2018

Goed voer voor hamsters

10 / 10
kasia j. 28 October 2017

goed eten voor mijn dieren☺

6 / 10
Monique 09 March 2015

Mijn ratjes vinden de grove dingen erg lekker, maar alle kleine zaadjes en dingentjes (en dat zijn er best wel veel) laten ze liggen. Te klein om te pakken en te bijten. Voor wat grovere muesli voor de rat die ze ook erg lekker vinden, adviseer ik de Rat Nature vanwege de grovere dingen. Maar deze vinden ze ook erg lekker hoor!

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