Rodipet Hazelnut Bridge for Rodents & Rabbits
Hazelnut Bridge for Rodents & Rabbits €6,95

Hazelnut Bridge for Rodents & Rabbits

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Product description

Rodipet Hazelnut Bridge for Rodents & Rabbits!

The hazelnut bridge is actually a willow bridge, but made of hazelnut wood. The bridges have a nice soft brown color and a pleasant bark. They fit perfectly in a naturally furnished enclosure and are suitable for all rodents and rabbits!

100% Natural untreated hazelnut wood
Multifunctional and can be used in different ways for different rodents
Helps wear teeth
Helps to wear down the nails
With mounting hooks
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !

A "must have" item for all rodents! Below we would like to briefly explain what a hazelnut bridge actually is and what you can do with it.

Bridge sizes may vary slightly. This has to do with the thickness of the wood used.

What is a hazelnut bridge?

The hazelnut bridge is actually a willow bridge , but then made of hazelnut wood and in our opinion an indispensable part of the rodent enclosure. The pieces of wood are 100% natural and untreated, so they are also safe to chew. The sticks are connected to each other by means of thick iron wire. The iron wire is flexible so that the bridge can be bent into all kinds of shapes and that is really nice for the variation!

How do you use the hazelnut bridge for small rodents?

They are quite large and robust bridges. The bridges can be used as a spacious shelter for small rodents, but they are very spacious. For the real rodents such as Gerbils and Degoes, the bridges can fulfill an additional function as rodent material. Hazelnut wood is loved by these animals and they are only too happy to put their ever-growing teeth in it!

Because the bridges are so spacious, they are very well suited for social group animals such as Gerbils, Rats, Degus. These are not the largest rodents and they could be given a smaller shelter, but due to the group size, such a hazelnut bridge can offer a solution.

Can this bridge be used in Hamsterscaping?

Yes, you can. The longest XL bridge in particular can be used very nicely in hamsterscaping, for example to make a long landing or a long wall that prevents ground cover.

Can the bridge be used as a wall to hold back ground cover?

Yes, you can, but we recommend covering the top of the bridge with, for example, moss. So that the animals cannot get their paws caught in the crevices of the moss.

hazelnut bridge for rodents and rabbits

How can I use the hazelnut bridge for larger rodents?

The bridges are available in different sizes so that they can be used in different ways for different rodents. For example, the largest bridges can be used as shelters for guinea pigs and rabbits. Chinchillas will also love to hide under the hazelnut bridge and nibble on it, because Chinchillas are real rodents who like to put their teeth in hazelnut wood. Better that the animals nibble on the bridge than on the enclosure.

Is the hazelnut bridge nail free?

Yes, the hazelnut bridge is completely nail-free and contains no staples. The only thing that has been incorporated into the bridge is the iron wire. However, the iron wire is processed in a very safe way, so that the animals do not come into contact with it.

For which rodents is the hazelnut bridge suitable?

We find the bridge mainly suitable for small rodents such as: Mouse , Dwarf hamster , Hamster , Gerbil , Degu , Rat , Guinea pig , Rabbit , Chinchilla , Degu

Material: Hazelnut Wood
Dimensions (approx): 12 x 20 cm | 15 x 26 cm | 18 x 34 cm | 18 x 68 cm | 24 x 31 cm | 29 x 41 cm | 47 x 64 cm
Diameter (approx): -
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: *Bridge sizes may vary. This has to do with the thickness of the wood used.
Rodipet Hazelnut Bridge for Rodents & Rabbits
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