Trixie Ceramic House with 3 Entrances
Ceramic House with 3 Entrances €8,99 €9,99

Ceramic House with 3 Entrances

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Product description

Trixie Ceramic House with 3 Entrances

cool for rodents during hot days The ceramic house with 3 entrances is a special appearance among rodent houses! This house also supports the regulation of body temperature on hot days. Summers can sometimes get very hot, so it is good to give small rodents a place in the enclosure where they can cool down. A big advantage of a ceramic house is the closed shape. The animals can withdraw into it, cool down and maintain a sense of security.

Cooling off during hot days
3 entrances
Cozy place to sleep

Ceramics are cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

Strangely enough, ceramics are nice and warm in the winter when the animals make their nests in it. This is due to the very good insulating effect of ceramics. It is not for nothing that nowadays houses are also built with ceramic bricks because of their superior insulation in both winter and summer.

Are the openings big enough for the cheek pouches?

Yes, sure! The openings have a diameter of 5 and 7 cm, which is large enough for dwarf hamsters (Roborovski Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbelli Dwarf Hamster, Chinese Dwarf Hamster) to walk through the opening with full cheek pouches. It is very important that the openings of a house are large enough. If the entrances to a hamster house are too small, the hamster will have to squeeze through. The hoarded grains can damage the mucous membranes of the inside of the cheek pouches, which can lead to abscesses of the cheek pouches.

Can rodents tolerate heat well?

Rodents have only a low heat tolerance. In nature, the animals retreat to the cooling, underground burrow when it is warm - this effect can be simulated with a cold store. In the summer, a cold store offers pleasant cooling.

What is ceramic?

Ceramic is glazed pottery. The difference between terracotta and ceramic is that ceramic is glazed and terracotta is not glazed. The glaze layer makes ceramics strong, water resistant, insulating and easy to clean. The biggest advantage for us is that urine cannot absorb into the material. Any pee can be removed in this way, because they retract.

*The ceramic may show imperfections.

Dimensions (approx): ø 12 × 10 cm | ø 16 × 12 cm
Openings (approx): 5 x 5 cm | 7 x 7 cm
Material: Ceramics (Glazed)
Open Bottom: No
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil
Particularities: *The ceramic may show imperfections.
Trixie Ceramic House with 3 Entrances
10 / 10
10 / 10
Margreth 27 July 2022

Ik heb hem nog niet in gebruik weet niet wat mijn hamster er van vindt

10 / 10
D 01 September 2020

Geweldig huisje, mijn hamster zit er graag in. Het is ook leuk in zijn verblijf/scape te verwerken.

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