Trixie Holen Sand Happy and Play Sand 5 kg
Holen Sand Happy and Play Sand 5 kg €10,99 €11,99

Holen Sand Happy and Play Sand 5 kg

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Product description

Trixie Holen Sand for rodents!

hamsterscaping and hamsterscape for rodents such as mouse, dwarf hamster, hamster, and gerbil Hamsterscaping
This bedding is very suitable for scapes for small rodents, such as Mice , Dwarf Hamster, Hamsters and Gerbils . It is an easily and pleasantly digable ground cover in which tunnels remain in place.

Terrarium sand based on clay

More and more rodent enclosures are getting a completely natural look. Trixie Holen sand is ideal for a natural rodent habitat. The sand is ideal for burrowing reptiles and other terrarium inhabitants. The sand has a high clay content which prevents it from settling and remains stable when digging tunnels and burrows. The clay also regulates the moisture content in the enclosure.

Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !

Did you know?

Syrian Hamsters naturally live in this kind of sand

for burrowing reptiles and other terrarium inhabitants
for creating stable caves and corridors
moisture absorption by clay
without dyes and additives
for the most natural living environment possible in desert terrariums
supports the natural behavior of the animals
curing takes approx. 20 hours

User manual Trixie Cave Sand

For small rodents (Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster)
Apply a thick layer of at least 20 cm in a defined part of the enclosure and let the animals do the rest. They will dig to their heart's content and make the most beautiful corridors! A 5 kg bag is equivalent to 5 litres. More than 10 bags are needed to fill an entire 100 x 40 cm enclosure with 20 cm of sand. It is therefore advisable to fill part of the stay with this nice digging sand.

For small rodents that originally live in the desert
Let the sand dry thoroughly before using it for desert animals, otherwise the humidity is too high for these animals.

For larger rodents as a bucket (Rat, Rabbit, Degu)
For larger rodents and rabbits, the cave sand in the bucket can be used. A 5 kg bag is equivalent to 5 litres. At least 5 bags of sand are needed to fill a 50 x 50 cm container with a 10 cm layer.

The Cave Sand is not suitable for chinchillas. The sand is too moist for the delicate Chinchilla fur.

Trixie Cave sand for fresh rodent plants
The cave sand is also suitable as a substrate for fresh plants. The plants have more trouble rooting than in Organic Humus, so a combination would be better. If you want to put permanent rodent plants in the enclosure, humus is a good substrate for this. View all our fresh plants here!

Keep the bedding material especially dry and cool.

Natural decor rodent german style

Material: Sand
Liter: c.a. 5 Liter
Weight: c.a. 5 kg
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Rat, Rabbit, Degu
Particularities: For desert animals. Let the sand dry first.
Trixie Holen Sand Happy and Play Sand 5 kg
9 / 10
10 / 10
Joost 09 October 2020

Leuk voor het graven mijn hamster was niet meer te herkennen zat helemaal onder. Het is na een tijdje wel leuk qua kleur maar hamster doet er niet zo veel mee.

8 / 10
Isolde 01 April 2020

Het is heel leuk om een grot of een tunnel hiermee te maken, maar het na een tijdje wordt het hard, dus mijn hamster doet er niet zo veel mee.

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