Supreme Bath sand for rodents and chinchillas
Bath sand for rodents and chinchillas €5,99

Bath sand for rodents and chinchillas

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Product description

Supreme bath sand for rodents!

Supreme Badzand has been specially developed for small steppe and desert inhabitants. Two bath sands are available from Supreme: Friends Farm and Selective . The Friends Farm is standard bathing sand and the Selective is a premium version that is also suitable for animals with sensitive skin.

The particularly fine grain and velvety structure cares for the coat and frees it from dander, dirt and grease. High-quality bath sand is also indispensable for nail care. The rodents can wear the nails in a natural way.

The Selective sand is also suitable for animals with sensitive skin and has an optimal round grain.

Supreme Bathing Sand is essential for some small animals and fun for other animals, such as hamsters or gerbils. Our Bathing Sand is 100% natural sand and is completely free of dust and bacteria. It is also naturally absorbent. It is often chosen by owners of show chinchillas for ideal coat condition.

Resealable packaging
For a good coat condition

Chinchillas need a daily sand bath. Place the sand in a tall container or litter box and let your chinchillas roll in it. They will have a great time and the sand will help keep their coat healthy by removing excess oil.

Degus also need regular sand baths to keep their coats free of naturally secreted oils. Degus need a sand bath at least twice a week.

NB! Chinchillas should not be bathed in water because their fur absorbs the water and makes it difficult for the fur to dry. Water in the coat can lead to hypothermia, which can be fatal.

Instructions for use Supreme Bath Sand

The Supreme Badzand should be available in spacious sandboxes or in demarcated areas in the enclosure. This must be cleaned weekly with, for example, a sieve. The bath sand is also suitable as toilet sand. This should be changed 2-3 times a week.

gerbil sand bath in chinchilla sand

Material: chinchilla sand
Liter (approx): 1.5 Liter
Weight (approx): 1 kg
Suitable for: Rodents, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Supreme Bath sand for rodents and chinchillas
9.8 / 10
10 / 10
Virginie 15 August 2022

I know bath sand. Unfortunately, my current hamsters don't understand what they have to do with the sand, they just walk on it for now.

10 / 10
Corrianne 09 May 2022

Erg fijn zand, absorbeert goed.

10 / 10
Anita 16 January 2021

Bevalt prima

10 / 10
Paula Roza 08 January 2021

Mijn 3 hamsters liggen er op de rug in te woelen. Volgens mij bevalt het ze wel goed ;-)

10 / 10
Noah 01 November 2020

Mijn hamster gebruikt het graag als toilet. Niet waarvoor ik het had gekocht maar toch zinvol voor een andere reden.

10 / 10
Lenalin 11 October 2019

Perfect zand

10 / 10
Gini 03 August 2019

Mijn syrische hamster vindt het fijn om erin te graven. Groot formaat dus kan ik het meerdere keren verversen.

10 / 10
Martijn 01 December 2018

Het is geweldig spul voor me Gerbils

10 / 10
Julie 01 December 2018

Je kan er lang mee

8 / 10
Leila 01 December 2018

Mijn dwerghamster vindt het leuk om in te rollen. Ook werkt het goed als toilet omdat het zand dan verhard waardoor je het gemakkelijk weg kunt gooien of zeefen. Geen vijf sterren, omdat ik het relatief duur vind voor hoeveel je krijgt.

10 / 10
E 02 November 2018

Onze hamsters maken graag gebruik van dit zand. Het doet goed dienst als 'badje' of als wc :)

10 / 10
Rachel 03 March 2018

Mijn dwerghamster geniet van haar zandbadjes.

10 / 10
Kitty 02 December 2015

Geweldig zand! lekker fijn. Mijn syrische hamster gebruikt het als toilet haha en hij graaft er graag in :)

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