Trixie Forage Snack Ball Green/Blue 6 cm
Forage Snack Ball Green/Blue 6 cm €3,99 €4,49

Forage Snack Ball Green/Blue 6 cm

€4,49 €3,99
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Product description

Trixie Foraging Snack Ball Green/Blue for Rodents, Rabbits and Ferrets!

ground cover to play in for rodent rats Challenge & Play
This article gives the animals a challenge and fun, and it also prevents boredom.

Plastic snack ball for rodents, rabbits and ferrets. Great activity for many different animals. Lots of challenge, enrichment and immediate reward for hard work! By letting the snack ball roll, the snacks fall out. As a result, the animals are immediately rewarded if they have done their best.

Provides challenge
Prevents boredom and prevents problem behavior
Trains motor skills 

The snack ball has an adjustable opening, which ensures that the amount of treats can be dosed.

For which rodents is the Snack Ball suitable?

This fun ball is suitable for slightly larger rodents such as: Rats , Guinea Pigs , Rabbits , Chinchillas and Degus . , but also Ferrets .

How can the Snack Ball be used?

In the wild, the animals sometimes have to make a little effort to get to the treats. Thanks to a snack ball, this process is simulated. By placing small snacks or food in the ball, the animals have to make a little effort to get it out.

What is the advantage of a Snack Ball?

The challenge ensures that the animals are less likely to get bored. Rodents and rabbits that are bored in their enclosure can show problem behavior, thanks to a toy such as this, this can be prevented.

User manual Trixie Snack Ball

Fill the snack ball with a few small candies that can easily roll out. Set the opening slightly wider, so that the candies roll out easily the first time. Show the animals the opening and let them smell it. If they haven't smelled the candy yet, roll one out for them to see. Then put the ball down with the opening slightly down and let the animals try to get a candy out of it themselves.

Why are foraging toys good for rodents and rabbits?

❤ Encourage natural behavior: Foraging toys mimic the natural behavior of rodents and rabbits, which is to search for food in their environment. Challenging them to forage and dig for their food stimulates their natural instincts and keeps them active and content.

❤ Physical activity: Foraging toys encourage rodents and rabbits to be active and exercise. They have to walk around, dig, push and pull to get to the rewards. This promotes exercise and helps maintain a healthy weight and good physical condition.

❤ Enrichment of the environment: Foraging toys add an element of challenge and variety to the living environment of rodents and rabbits. It makes their daily life more interesting and prevents them from getting bored in a monotonous environment. This can lead to better overall well-being.

❤ Prevents Overeating: Foraging toys make the food process slower and more challenging. As a result, rodents and rabbits have to make more effort to get to their food, so they cannot eat large quantities in one go. This helps prevent overeating and weight problems.

In short, foraging toys for rodents and rabbits provide both physical and mental stimulation, help prevent boredom and promote natural behavior. It's a great way to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Size (approx): 6 cm
Suitable for: Rodents, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu | Ferret
Particularities: Offer only under supervision
Trixie Forage Snack Ball Green/Blue 6 cm
9.3 / 10
10 / 10
Anke 08 February 2021

Konijntjes spelen er graag mee. Heel makkelijk te vullen en de opening te regelen.

8 / 10
Joëlle 01 October 2019

Leuke bal, goed formaat, handig in gebruik, alleen knagen mijn ratjes het gat steeds groter, hij blijft wel prima bruikbaar, met grotere snoepjes

10 / 10
Samantha 19 October 2017

Ik heb deze bal laatst voor mijn konijnen gekocht. Samen met de mini drops :) Nou ik moet er nog eentje bij kopen want ze maken er gewoon ruzie om1 De konijnen zijn er echt lang mee bezig en het leuke is dat je het gaatje iets verder of dichter kan doen waardoor je kunt regelen hoe snel een snoepje eruit valt. Echt een aanrader!

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