Trixie Kapok Nesting material 100 grams
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Kapok Nesting material 100 grams

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Product description

Kapok Nesting material for small rodents!

Kapok is animal-friendly nesting material that, thanks to its thin fibers that can be easily pulled apart, can be used ideally as nesting material for small rodents. Kapok is extra soft and warming, but also digestible and dust-free. In accordance with animal welfare as defined in § 18 (AT, Germany)

Kapok is a legume of the large Kapok tree, these trees can grow up to 70 meters high. The fruits of the tree are safely hidden in a hard shell and lie in a bed of very soft fibers. It is precisely these fibers that are very suitable as nice and soft and fine nesting material for small rodents.
But the kapok holds even more surprises for your rodent. In addition to the soft cotton-like content that can be used to make a wonderful nest, it also contains tasty seeds that are delicious to eat.

Pure Nature and sustainable
Soft and warm nesting material
Dry and clean

The kapok fiber is a very soft, fine and especially fragile fiber. Due to its appearance, these fibers are often confused with hamster cotton wool, but that is completely unjustified. Both products may look similar in appearance, but in terms of texture, composition and material they are completely different products that have no properties in common.

Kapok keeps the nest dry

The kapok fiber is a water-repellent fiber that keeps moisture out of the nest. That way the nest is always nice and dry and the humidity will not be too high. This is very pleasant during hot days.

Nice and warm during cold days

Kapok fiber is wonderfully warm. When it comes to nesting material, there is no material that can match it when it comes to warmth. This is wonderfully insulated and retains its temperature. The animals experience this as very pleasant. It's nice to know that small rodents regulate their nest temperature themselves. When it gets too hot, they remove nesting material from the nest to lower the temperature.

Kapok user manual

This kapok has already been removed from the shell and no longer contains any seeds. It is sufficient to put a piece of kapok in the enclosure. The animals know exactly what to do with it and will take the tufts to their nest.

small rodents Kapok is actually only suitable for small rodents that make nests such as Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters and Gerbils. The seeds that can be found in kapok are also liked by the animals. Kapok actually has no function for the larger rodents.

kapok nesting material for rodents such as mouse dwarf hamster hamster gerbil

Content: 100 grams
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil
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Trixie Kapok Nesting material 100 grams
10 / 10
10 / 10
Rian 17 June 2022

Heerlijk nest materiaal, onze hamster is er dol op.

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