Jetpack Smurf Food/Water Bowl 15 cm
Jetpack Smurf Food/Water Bowl 15 cm €10,95

Jetpack Smurf Food/Water Bowl 15 cm

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Product description

Jetpack Smurf Food/Water Bowl for Rodents & Rabbits!

This food bowl is inspired by the adventures and characters from the Smurfs series! A cool, unique and funny range for rodents and rabbits! This ceramic feeding bowl with Jetpack Smurf is made of fired earthenware and is therefore very sturdy and stable. This model with a sloping edge ensures optimal accessibility to the food or drink and avoids excessive spillage. Thanks to the high-quality glaze finish, the bowl itself is waterproof for serving drinks and very easy to clean. The nice print completes the picture and guarantees a Smurftastic meal for your rabbit or rodent.

Made of ceramic
With funny Jetpack Smurf
Suitable as a food bowl or water bowl

Use as a feeding bowl

A feeding bowl ensures that the animals know where to expect their food. The keeper can clearly see from the contents of the feeding bowl how much the animals have eaten. In addition, the food remains hygienically clean in a feeding bowl. In short, a feeding bowl has many advantages! Place the food bowl in a permanent place in the enclosure and fill it with the amount of food recommended for the animal.

Use as a water bowl

A food bowl can also be used as a water bowl. It is very important to ensure the hygiene of the water. Water becomes soiled more quickly in a water bowl than in a drinking bottle. Fill the water container with clean water and replace it every day or more often if it is dirty.

Use as a sandbox

This food bowl can also be used as a sandbox for the smallest rodents. Fill the container with a layer of chinchilla sand and the bathing can begin!

What is ceramics?

Ceramics are glazed earthenware. The difference between terracotta and ceramic is that ceramic is glazed and terracotta is not glazed. The glaze layer makes ceramic: strong, water-resistant, insulating and easy to clean. The biggest advantage for us is that urine cannot be absorbed into the material. Any pee can be removed this way, because it is absorbed.

Summer tips water bowl

Do you use the water bowl for outdoor rabbits or guinea pigs in the summer? Always ensure that the water is in the shade and replace it several times a day at high temperatures. Place an ICEPOD under the water bowl so that the water stays nice and cool.

Winter tips water bowl

In winter we always have the problem that the water can freeze. To prevent this, it is good to place the water bowl in a sheltered place with possibly a heat pod underneath, this way the water will freeze less quickly. Check and change the water several times a day, even in winter, so that the animals always have fresh drinking water available.

Material: Ceramics (Glazed)
Dimensions (approx): 15 x 15 x 6 cm
Diameter (approx): ø 15 cm
Content (approx): 500 ml
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Jetpack Smurf Food/Water Bowl 15 cm
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