Getzoo Wooden Cork Exercise Wheel for Rodents!
Wooden Cork Exercise Wheel for Rodents! €44,99

Wooden Cork Exercise Wheel for Rodents!

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Product description

Getzoo Wooden Cork Exercise Wheel for Rodents!

Discover Getzoo's cork running wheel! The walking surface is covered with cork and is therefore particularly soft for the sensitive paws of small rodents. The running wheel has a completely closed structure, i.e. the running surface is closed, but so is the back, making tails safe! A nice extra, in addition to the superior quality, is that the running wheel is adjustable in height, so you can use the running wheel much more flexibly.

Natural: only high-quality wood is used for the cork running wheels, we do not use glues that can be harmful to the animal, nor do we use softwood
Flexible: place the running wheel where it fits best, because the wheel fits everywhere thanks to a height-adjustable stand
Stable: Regardless of the surface, the exercise wheel is stable and safe thanks to the particularly wide and foot

How quiet is this running wheel?

We always measure the volume at least one meter from the wheel. Once the rodent sets the wheel in motion, all you can hear from this distance is the animal walking. The cork wheels are a bit quieter because the cork layer serves as a natural insulation.

Is this exercise wheel suitable for "walking wheel peepers"?

Absolute! However, there is something to think about. We use the natural raw material wood or cork as a tread for our wheels and the wooden wheel has already been pre-treated by us with a clear coat, which means that the ordinary wooden wheel can be wiped with a damp cloth. We use a clear coat that complies with DIN 71-3 and is harmless to rodents. If you suffer a lot from wheel puddles, we recommend treating the wooden and cork wheels with at least 3-4 layers of clear coat DIN 71-3 and painting if necessary after wiping the treads. This way you can enjoy the running wheel for a very long time. And your hamster too!

Is it dangerous if my rodent gnaws on the running wheel?

Absolutely not! We only use types of wood that can be nibbled on without hesitation. No nails, staples or the like are used and only non-toxic wood glue is used to glue the wheels. So you don't have to worry if your rodent gets pulled in a running wheel!

What is the difference between a cork running wheel and a wooden running wheel without cork?

The running surface of the cork running wheel is covered with cork, effectively dampening the walking noises of the rodents and making it softer for the feet.

Cleaning the running wheel

The running wheel should be wiped regularly with a slightly damp cloth, especially if the animals urinate in it.

Getzoo for rodents

Diameter (approx): ø 21 cm (inside: ø 19.4 cm) | ø 27 cm (inside: ø 25.4 cm) | ø 30 cm (inside: ø 28.4 cm) | ø 33 cm (ø 31.4 cm) | ø 42 cm (inside: ø 40.4 cm)
Dimensions (approx): -
Material: poplar wood
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: -
Getzoo Wooden Cork Exercise Wheel for Rodents!
10 / 10
10 / 10
Floortje 02 January 2023

Ik vind hem echt super, mijn robo krijgt hem met gemak vooruit en het wiel is super stil!

  • + Heel stil

10 / 10
Adinda 29 August 2022

Echt een aanrader. Ik heb de 27 cm gekocht voor mijn Roborovski en hij krijgt hem met gemak vooruit. Is muisstil en in hoogte verstelbaar. De prijs is het helemaal waard.

10 / 10
Susanne 12 August 2022

Super fijn loopwiel, draait mooi soepel en is muisstil

  • + In hoogte verstelbaar
  • + Kurk vervangbaar

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