Trixie Glass drinking bottle
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Glass drinking bottle

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Product description

Trixie Glass drinking bottle for rodents

The Glass drinking bottle from Trixie is made entirely of hard glass, making the drinking bottle 100% gnaw resistant. All parts are gnaw resistant, the suspension system is also made of metal. Gerbils, Degus and Chinchillas cannot chew them. In addition, glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher, this saves a lot of time and gives a deep cleaning. Glass drinking bottles insulate better, so that water stays fresh longer.

Including gnaw-resistant metal drinking spout
Whole drinking bottle is gnaw resistant
Easy water control thanks to float
Easy and sturdy to attach thanks to tension spring / groove and wire bracket
Ball-end seal
Drinking bottle 125 ml and 250 ml can be combined with a wooden drinking bottle holder

PAY ATTENTION! The 500 ml drinking bottle does NOT fit in the Trixie Natural Living Bottle Holder

A drinking bottle gives animals dosed water. The animals have to press against the ball to get water. Each drinking bottle provides water in a different way. One drinking bottle gives water very easily so that it can drip / leak and the other drinking bottle gives water less quickly. These product properties differ per drinking bottle.

Social rodents that live in a group can best have several drinking bottles, so that enough water is available for all animals. Dominant animals can claim a drinking bottle that prevents other animals from drinking.

In addition to a drinking bottle, young animals should also be given a water bowl, so that they always have water until they are used to drinking from a drinking bottle.

With every change of drinking bottle it is recommended to also put a water bowl for the animals until they are used to the new drinking bottle. If the animals are used to a drinking bottle that water easily, they may have trouble with a drinking bottle that water less easily.

If the animals don't want to or can't drink from the water bottle, try another one that suits the animals. Every rodent is different and has its own preferences.

Always fill the drinking bottle until it is full and tap the spout to make sure that no air bubble is left behind. If an air bubble remains in the spout, no water will come out of the drinking bottle. Then hang the drinking bottle straight up and tap the water ball with your finger until the bottle gives water and your finger is wet. Now you can be sure that the bottle is watering and the animals can drink.


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Trixie Glass drinking bottle
8.4 / 10
10 / 10
Richard 01 January 2020

Voor mijn kleine knagertjes is dit ideaal. Kunnen ze niet kapot bijten.

10 / 10
Roy 01 May 2019

Deze is niet kapot te krijgen, ideaal dus voor de echte knaagdieren die de normale plastic flesjes in een mum van tijd kapot hebben.

10 / 10
Mascha 03 November 2018

Eindelijk een flesje gevonden dat gerbil-proof is.

4 / 10
Nikita 25 May 2018

Niet aan te raden, regelmatig kom ik erachter dat er geen water uitkomt. Ik moet meerdere keren per dag checken of hij werkt.

8 / 10
Roos 08 March 2018

Ik heb deze drinkfles voor mijn hamster. De fles geeft goed water en het tuitje is subtiel.

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