Bunny Nature FreshGras Hay Pure Nature 750 Gram
FreshGras Hay Pure Nature 750 Gram €4,99 €5,49

FreshGras Hay Pure Nature 750 Gram

€5,49 €4,99
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Product description

Bunny Nature FreshGras Hay Pure Nature 750 Gram

Super-premium quality hay for dwarf rabbits & rodents. A comprehensive hay concept for animals & nature!

Hay is part of the basic diet for many rodents. The hay content in the digestive plan is high and therefore the quality of the hay is also very important. Determining the acceptance, but also the balance of the diet and the whole
needs coverage.bunnyNature Fresh grass Hay stands for the highest quality with a maximum diversity of plants.

Bunny Nature FreshGras Hay is not just hay. It is a premium hay of the highest quality! It is nice to know that the hay is dried indoors and packaged by hand. At first glance perhaps time-consuming work, but only in this way can wrong plant species that come along in the harvesting process be separated from the hay. In addition, hand-wrapping the hay ensures that the long stalks have their maximum nutritional value. A haystack that is frequently used loses essential nutrients.

  • Natural plant fiber species
  • Cautious drying indoors
  • Rich in fiber, crunchy & dust-free
  • With natural food and bulking materials

The guidelines of the Bunny Hay are strict. The hay must be fiber-rich, crunchy and naturally dust-free. Hay that does not meet these requirements does not come in the packaging. Crispy hay is important for proper tooth wear and good gastrointestinal activity of the animals.

The ingredients do not lie! The hay consists of no less than 18 different types of plants.

Timothy, Long-tailed Grass, Great Foxtail, Rye Grass, Red Fescue, Field Beetgrass, Ostrich, Crop, German Meadow Grass, Dandelion, Silver, Hornflower, Yarrow, Narrow Plantain, White Clover, Red Clover, Reedlaver, Red Fescue with large shoots.

Hay of Nature protected meadows

It is the most original and natural hay that you can imagine. Of course, the hay comes from protected nature areas: these unemoted and unsprayed areas contain a diversity of plants and herbs, which no other ordinary meadow can match.

But nature-protected meadows must also be mowed (at a late mowing time), because only in this way will the diversity of plants and with it the attractive character of the pastures for animals be preserved.

And this is all part of the bunny-sustainability cycle: We mow the nature-protected meadows so that animals can still find their valuable food and get hay that is unique in terms of quality, composition and structure.

CO2-neutral drying with hot air

After mowing, the hay - now compressed into bales - will undergo so-called wellness treatment. The hay is gently dried with warm air and that happens Co2-neutral and completely in harmony with nature. This keeps the natural color, the varied taste and the variety of fine herbs and plants. That is unique!

Mowing to preserve the diversity of plants

Regular mowing is important to maintain the diversity of plants. if one does not do this, then a monoculture is created. only a few plant species would take over and the diversity would disappear. For many animals these meadows are not attractive, neither as a habitat nor as a food source. We are therefore actively committed to keeping the natural habitats attractive to animals in every respect. we will start mowing only from mid-June, so as not to disturb any breeding animals. The supervision of nature-protected meadows is done by experts who officially give their permission to mow.

Carefully selected by hand & packaged in Hay Fresh-Bags

Here much value is still attached to manual work. The hay is carefully shaken and all the finest plants and herbs - as well as the long, handsome-looking sprigs - are carefully hand-sowed in paper bags. The hay fresh-bags are very special: only through a small window you can see the fantastic hay. this gives you a good impression of the quality. In addition, the contents are also protected against fading in this way and the fine holes provide ideal air circulation. The hay is stored optimally and retains its original quality in the racks.

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Bunny Nature FreshGras Hay Pure Nature 750 Gram
10 / 10
10 / 10
melvin 24 November 2019

Mijn konijnen vinden dit geweldig. Verschillende plekken hooi gekocht, maar dit tot nu toe de beste. Mijn konijnen houden hiervan.

10 / 10
Katia 01 November 2019

Zeer goede kwaliteit, heel zacht hooi

10 / 10
Marianne 02 August 2019

Geweldig hooi hamsters vinden het heerlijk!

10 / 10
Rob 03 April 2019

Super mooi hooi wat heerlijk ruikt en op zich nog behoorlijk zacht is. Je ziet duidelijk de verschillende grassen in het hooi. Onze hamster vind het heerlijk!

10 / 10
GDPR deleted 01 April 2019

Dit hooi is echt geweldig geen stof en heel groen mijn cavia's willen niet meer anders echt een aanrader

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