Trixie Natural Living Hamster House Birte 25 cm
Natural Living Hamster House Birte 25 cm €19,95 €24,99

Natural Living Hamster House Birte 25 cm

€24,99 €19,95
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Product description

Trixie Natural Living Hamster House Birte

The Trixie Hamster House Birte is a real Hamsterscaping House that consists of no fewer than three hiding places. The houses are placed together in a playful way, allowing the animals to choose where they will hide. With the Birte, Trixie has again really paid attention to the curious nature of the little rodent. When we look at the house we don't just see a rodent house. It is a surprising house with many possibilities. Your little rodent can hide under the house and climb up via playful stairs. In addition, the Birte provides pleasant variety when it comes to the place to sleep.

100% Resin-free Natural Wood
Two floors
Three hiding places
removable roofs

Is the Birte suitable for Hamsterscaping?

Yes for sure! The Trixie Brite is very suitable for Hamsterscaping ! Hamsterscaping is mainly about a natural design that is tailored to the natural needs of the animals. One of these needs is the ability to take shelter. Small rodents are prey animals that like to flee and hide. They do this not only when something scares them, but in general they also like to have several hiding places. That's why it's so nice that the Birte stands on legs, because then the animals can immediately dive under it if they want.

❤ TIP ❤
We always think it is very nice to place a piece of dried moss on the roof or plateau, which gives a very beautiful natural look to the house and fits perfectly in a
natural design!

Why is there a hole in the bottom?

The Trixie Birte does indeed have a round opening in the bottom, which was done on purpose so that the animals can make a tunnel from the house into the ground cover. Small rodents are real diggers and like to have plenty of escape routes, especially around their house. Thanks to the hole in the bottom, an additional escape route can be created that goes directly into the ground cover and emerges somewhere else in the enclosure. That's how animals do it in the wild!

What is the best way to clean the house?

A wooden house can be cleaned in a simple way, depending on the use of the animals. The animals can use the houses as shelters, in which case they will remain clean, but the animals can also use the houses as a food supply storage or as a sleeping house and if you are really unlucky also as a toilet , but fortunately that does not happen very often. . If the animals do leave a puddle, which often happens with mice, we recommend a urine spray . This breaks down the urine of the animals and thus cleans the wood.

Which animals is the Trixie Birte House suitable for?

The Trixie Birte House is a small house that is suitable as a sleep or shelter for mice and dwarf hamsters .

Can this house be used for group animals?

Yes, that is possible, but for group animals (mouse) we always recommend placing at least one large house in the enclosure where all animals can fit together. Group animals like to be together and often also want to hide and sleep together. By offering the animals at least one large home, we meet this important need. The Trixie Birte house can also fulfill this need for, for example, two mice.

Can this house be placed on the ground cover?

Yes, that's definitely allowed! We assume that the ground cover has a minimum layer of 20 cm so that the animals cannot dig under the house. A daily check on this is important.



Dimensions (approx): 25 × 16 x 25 cm
Openings (approx): Opening 1: 3.5 x 4 cm | Opening 2 (round): ø 3.5 cm | Opening 3 (bottom): ø 7 cm
Material: Wood
Open Bottom: No
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster
Particularities: The products are made from softwoods without resin channels. The types of wood we use do not produce resin and are dried for a long time. The glue we use is also non-toxic to animals and consists of a mixture of cellulose.
Trixie Natural Living Hamster House Birte 25 cm
9 / 10
10 / 10
Sylke 09 February 2021

Mijn hamster vind hem wel leuk ik de nacht

10 / 10
Susanne 23 July 2020

Super leuk huis. Genoeg ingangen om van alles te ontdekken.

8 / 10
Kikki 01 October 2019

Super leuk huisje om te zien met meerdere kamertjes. Dakjes kunnen er af. Lijkt mij handig met schoonmaken. Nog niet in gebruik. Hamster komt nl nog.

6 / 10
marion 13 April 2018

prima huisje maar let bij de aankoop van houten huisjes met dichte bodem!! dat er een klein wit zakje in het huisje kan liggen waar kleine balletjes in zitten. Deze moet je verwijderen anders kan je hamster dit op eten en gaat die dood. Ik heb hiervoor de fabrikant al op de hoogte gebracht dat ze dit moet vermelden op de verpakking.

10 / 10
Yvonne 05 June 2016

De droom van onze dwerghamster is uitgekomen! Hij is helemaal bij met dit mooie hamsterhuis. De kwaliteit is ook erg mooi!

10 / 10
kern 27 April 2014

hahaha onze hamster vind het geweldig. elke keer slaapt ze wel in een ander gedeelte. super leuk huisje, zou graag een tweede willen. Krijgen jullie ze nog weer?

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