JR Farm Pick & Fly Dari, Millet and Linseed Harvest
Pick & Fly Dari, Millet and Linseed Harvest €4,99 €5,99

Pick & Fly Dari, Millet and Linseed Harvest

€5,99 €4,99
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Product description

JR Farm Pick & Fly for Rodents & Rabbits!

rodent herbs friendly to bees and butterflies

The JR Farm Pick & Fly Dari, Millet and Linseed harvest is a natural delicacy with delicious, sun-ripened seeds. For long-lasting harvesting fun and activity for rodents and birds! The harvest is 100% natural, untreated and comes directly from the farmer. For that reason, there may still be biodiversity.

100% Natural Straight from the farmer!
Rich in fiber and essential oils
Supports the intestinal flora and the skin
Ideal for Hamsterscaping & Gerbilscaping !

NB! The composition of this mix is currently changing a lot because JR Farm is struggling with harvesting problems. The contents of the Pick & Fly can therefore differ significantly from the image.

Is Pick & Fly Harvest suitable for Hamsterscaping?

Yes, of course! Pick & Fly Harvest is great to use in hamsterscaping. Hamsterscaping is all about approaching the natural behavior of the animals. Small rodents such as Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Hamsters, Gerbils and Rats are real seed eaters (granivores), by offering seed-rich harvests such as the Pick & Fly the natural behavior of the animals is addressed. Animals that can show their natural behavior are happy and comfortable in their own skin, so it is very important for the health of the animal.

Do all Rodents and Rabbits like the Pick & Fly Harvest?

Yes for sure! The Pick & Fly harvest falls under the harvest with seeds , which is different from harvest with leaves or harvest with herbs . The harvest with seeds is best suited as food for the Granivore (seed-eating) rodents, such as mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters, gerbils and rats.

Does Pick & Fly Harvest challenge rodents?

Yes for sure! Pick & Fly Harvest creates a lot of challenge because the animals have to harvest the seeds from the plant themselves. After all, the seeds are not offered separately but really have to be removed from the plant and that provides extra enrichment, which we also call feed enrichment.

How should I offer the Pick & Fly Harvest?

There are many ways to offer the Pick & Fly Harvest, also a bit depending on the objective. You can easily place the Pick & Fly Harvest on the bedding, but if you want your animal to make an effort, you can place the Pick & Fly upright in the bedding, with a layer of at least 20 cm that is fine.

It is also possible to fix it to the bars of the accommodation with a snack clamp .
It is also possible to attach the Pick & Fly to glass by means of a suction cup clamp .

How do rodents eat the Pick & Fly Harvest?

All rodents eat the Pick & Fly in their own way, some rodents hold it with their hands and others nibble it off. Many small rodents will take the seeds back to their nests and store them there for later.

Can animals get fat from Pick & Fly Harvest?

Although the different types of millet seeds are high in fat, these are healthy fats that are essential for the health of the animals, so it is not an extreme fattener.

How is the Pick & Fly stored with us?

It is nice to know that we receive this crop directly from the manufacturer and can therefore offer very good freshness. In our warehouse, the harvest is kept cool, dry and UV-free. The latter is important to prevent the breakdown of nutrients by UV light. We therefore recommend that you always store the harvest in a dark, cool and dry place.

History of the Flaxseed Plant
Flaxseed has been used as an oil and fiber plant since the Stone Age. Flaxseed can also serve as a laxative, as the seeds contain a lot of mucilage that swells in the gut and promotes normal bowel function.

jr farm rodent snacks and food for rodents and rabbits

Content (approx): 130 grams
Composition: Currently no flaxseed flax present in the mix | Dari, Millet and Linseed harvest
Analysis: -
Promotes Foraging: Yes, by scattering around
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu | Bird
Particularities: Natural product, which means that the color and quantity of leaves/flowers can deviate significantly from the image shown. Fragile, which means that twigs can be broken. Bundled so that twigs can be entangled.
JR Farm Pick & Fly Dari, Millet and Linseed Harvest
7.3 / 10
4 / 10
Roos 15 November 2022

Geweldig maar er kwamen voermotten uit ?!

6 / 10
Elise 13 June 2022

Super lekkere oogst ! Mijn hamster vindt de darikolf het lekkerst . Alleen wel jammer dat het lijnzaad vlas er niet bij zat ….

6 / 10
Elise 13 June 2022

Super lekkere oogst ! Mijn hamster vindt de darikolf het lekkerst . Alleen wel jammer dat het lijnzaad vlas er niet bij zat ….

4 / 10
Eline 28 May 2022

2 van de 3 dingen zaten erin. geen lijnzaad te bekennen. 2 keer dezelfde besteld, want mijn hamster is dol op lijnzaad, geen van beide lijnzaad inbegrepen. dari en gierst wel, lijnzaad niet.

6 / 10
Frauke Janssens 22 March 2022

Er zaten bij mij motten bij de zaden. Zal vast niet bij iedereen zijn dus voor de rest wel goed.

6 / 10
Sanja de Groot 20 March 2022

ik had deze gekocht zodat ik lijnzaad kon uittesten maar er zat geen een stukje lijnzaadvlasje in alleen darikolf en pluimgierst, maar er is in principe niks mis met het oogst gewoon jammer dat er geen lijnzaadvlas in zat want ik vind 10 euro voor 300gr heel veel...

6 / 10
Gina van den Berg 04 February 2022

Jammer dat er geen lijnzaad te bekennen was. Wel heel veel dari kolf.

6 / 10
Femke 01 April 2021

Leuke plantjes, zat alleen vrij weinig pluimgierst en lijnzaad in en een enorm grote en zware dari kolf. Als het meer gelijk is lijkt me leuker.

10 / 10
Daniela 12 January 2021

Veel groter dan verwacht. Heel veel verschillende zaadjes.

10 / 10
Audrey 01 December 2020

Leuke variatie aan knabbels voor je hamster. Afwisseling in zaadjes vinden ze altijd leuk en ze kunnen er lekker druk mee zijn wat leuk is om te zien!

10 / 10
kathleen 01 October 2020

zeer gewild, tevreden

10 / 10
Myrthe 02 February 2020

Mijn hamster vindt vooral de lijnzaad helemaal geweldig. Goed product om hem nieuwsgierig en aan het scharrelen te houden.

8 / 10
Finette 03 October 2019

Mijn Hamster vond dit een erg Lekkere snack! Wel was hij kleiner dan verwacht.

8 / 10
Monique 03 October 2019

Vooral de Dari en de lijnzaad oogst vallen erg in de smaak! Een aanrader!

10 / 10
Carlijn 01 October 2019

Heel fijn pakket! Ik gebruik het voor onze hamsterhokken en het leuke is dat ze gelijk een aantal verschillende zaden hebben. Zeker een aanrader.

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