Elmato Pine cone 2 pieces for Rodents & Rabbits!
Pine cone 2 pieces for Rodents & Rabbits! €4,95

Pine cone 2 pieces for Rodents & Rabbits!

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Product description

Pinecone Rodent 2 pieces for Rodents & Rabbits!

Pine cone for rodents to play with and nibble on. By gnawing on the pine cone, the animals receive beneficial nutrients contained in the pine cone. The pine cone is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are gently dried according to a special process, which makes them suitable for rodents. We strongly advise against collecting pine cones from the forest because they still contain too much resin.

The pine cone remains interesting for the animals because it has a special shape and that arouses the curious nature of the animals.

100% Natural pine cone
Carefully cleaned and dried
Absolutely no resins present

Imagine a cozy and natural world full of adventure for your rodent or rabbit. With these pine cones you bring a piece of wild nature into your home that your little friends will love! These natural pine cones have been carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned and dried so that they are safe for your beloved pets.

Rodents and rabbits regularly encounter pine cones in the wild and find them fascinating. The special shape and texture of the pine cones stimulate the curious character of your animals, giving them hours of fun. They can play with it, nibble and explore, just as they would in nature.

What makes these pine cones extra special is that they are 100% natural. There are absolutely no fresh resins present, so you can rest assured that your rodents can safely enjoy these natural toys. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it can also contribute to the natural wear and tear of their teeth, which is essential for their health.

Here's another great tip: You can fill the pine cones yourself with treats to increase the fun even further! For example, press small pieces of dried apple between the scales or add some aromatic herbs to make it even more interesting for your animals. This way you stimulate their natural instincts and enrich their living environment in a creative way.

Give your rodents and rabbits the gift of playful fun and the experience of nature with this high-quality Pine Cone Rodent set. They will thank you for these natural toys that stimulate their curiosity and stimulate their natural behavior.

Bring a touch of wilderness into their lives with the Pine Cone Rodent set - the perfect toy that strengthens the connection with nature!

pine cone rodent

Story behind the pine cone!

Did you know that the pine cone is popular among rodents. In the wild they love these tree fruits because they are full of delicious pine nuts. These seeds are particularly rich in nutrients. In the wild, for example, you can observe squirrels carefully removing the pine nuts from the pine cones and snacking on them.

At some point, pine cones fall from the trees, they dry out and no longer contain seeds. When the pine cones are ready, they are collected, dried and cleaned so that they are suitable for our rodents.

NB! We do not recommend collecting pine cones yourself. There are different types of pine cones and not all of them are suitable for animals. In addition, residues of resin or even pests may remain in and around the pine cone. The pine cones available from us all come from controlled cultivation, of the right variety and have been thoroughly cleaned.

View the entire range of pine cones here ! You can also fill the empty pine cones with treats yourself.

Material: Pinecone
Dimensions (approx): 11 x 3 cm
Diameter (approx): -
Suitable for: Rodents, Mouse, Dwarf Hamster, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: Natural product, which means that color and shape may differ and deviate from the image
Elmato Pine cone 2 pieces for Rodents & Rabbits!
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