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White Mill for Rabbits and Rodents

White Mill for Rabbits and Rodents: nibble-tastic for 280 years!

The history of Witte Molen began more than 280 years ago in Meeuwen, the Netherlands, in Brabant. At that time, the millers started trading in seeds and grains. Their range soon expanded to include ingredients from all over the world, flown in from all corners of the world.

With more than 250 years of experience, Witte Molen produces the very best quality products for your birds, pigeons, rabbits and rodents. A truly traditional Dutch company! Witte Molen has specially formulated products for all types of animals. They offer, among other things, rabbit food, guinea pig food and hamster food for rabbits and rodents. But mice, rats and chinchillas are also not forgotten, because Witte Molen has carefully formulated products for them too.

Witte Molen foods are of the highest quality and provide your rodent with everything it needs. With pure and fresh raw materials, Witte Molen not only offers healthy food, but also a tasty experience that your furry friend will love.

Not only has the diversity of food types been expanded at Witte Molen, but also the choice of packaging sizes. Whether you have a lot of rodents and need a large package, or just one animal and opt for a small package, there is something for everyone.

The history of Witte Molen

More than 270 years ago, Witte Molen's history began in the Dutch village of Meeuwen, where the company is located to this day. The millers in the village started trading in seeds and grains at that time. The company soon expanded and raw materials were purchased from all over the world. In its heyday, the most exotic products were brought to the warehouses from all corners of the world.

Although the company's focus has shifted over the years, the knowledge and attention to the production of high-quality food has always been maintained. This is still the main reason why the quality of the raw materials and the nutritional value of the products often far exceed the competition. Witte Molen has been the nibbling expert for almost three centuries!

White Mill

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