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Fresh BIO Cat Grass Plant Fine
Fresh BIO Cat Grass Plant Fine €4,95

Fresh BIO Cat Grass Plant Fine

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Product description

Fresh BIO Cat Grass Plant Good for rodents & rabbits!

Season Product: Only available in spring and summer

rodent herbs friendly to bees and butterflies This delicious BIO cat grass is finer than normal cat grass and can be eaten by rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, reptiles, cats, ornamental birds. The cat grass is a tasty and healthy addition to your rodent's daily menu!

The fine grass is just right for small rodents. Even pet birds, rabbits and turtles love the healthy, soft stems and fresh greenery. Maybe the variety is the reason? The grass is very resilient despite its soft stems.

The soft, easily digestible alternative to real cat grass
Supports digestion and prevents blockages and bowel obstruction
Improves vitamin supply, especially in winter makes it easier for cats to vomit the indigestible hairballs that enter the gastrointestinal tract by cleaning their coat


All plants available from us are suitable for rodents. However, the plants all have their own special properties. The thyme plant smells wonderfully fresh and is good for the respiratory tract, the chamomile plant has a calming and antibacterial effect, the blood sorrel works purifying the blood and the melissa is a source of vitamins and minerals, but also has a wonderful lemon scent. In short, all plants have their own special properties, colors and shapes.

Cat grass is well known in cats. This grass species helps the cat to remove hairballs, but other animals such as birds and turtles also benefit greatly from real natural plants.


The heart of the hamster scaper now starts to beat faster, because a fresh plant in the enclosure is of course the ultimate natural decoration of the hamster caped enclosure. We can actually go in all directions depending on the ground cover. If you use a "soil" -like ground cover such as humus, you could choose to plant the plants directly in the ground. The roots will then continue to grow in the ground. This way you have a perennial in the enclosure. How quickly the animals eat the plant depends on the rodent species. Mice, Dwarf Hamsters and Hamsters often take it easier with the plants. Gerbils on the contrary, nibble on them more quickly.

When hamster caping, you can also choose to put the plant in a pot in the enclosure. An advantage of this is that the plant can be more easily removed from the enclosure to allow it to grow.


The plants are therefore nutritious, healthy and also have a very nice decorative function, but there is something else we should not forget. The plants promote the natural behavior of rodents. In the wild, rodents are mainly engaged in foraging for food, and rabbits are actually eating all day long. Reborn (plant-eating animals) have a gastrointestinal system that can only work if new food is constantly eaten. The new food pushes the old through the intestines, as it were, which is why it is very important that rabbits have access to hay all day long.

In the wild, the animals choose their own diet, but a large part of the diet consists of fresh plant parts. These are chosen for their fiber, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, but also for their medicinal effect. Many plants are known for their health-promoting properties. The animals know this better than anyone and also in the wild they instinctively look for the right plant for an ailment.

Pay attention! The plants are intended as consumption for the rodents, not as ornamental plants for the home. Some plant knowledge is required to keep the plants alive and beautiful.

fresh natural rodent plants

Content: Fresh BIO Fine Cat Grass Plant
Suitable for: Rodents, Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Cat, Bird, Turtle, Insects
Particularities: -
Fresh BIO Cat Grass Plant Fine
8.7 / 10
8 / 10
M 07 June 2020

ik vonde het ererg mooi uit zien. Maar het gras werd all snel bruin

10 / 10
Eddy 01 June 2020

Heel fijn product onze kat is helemaal blij gemaakt

8 / 10
Beatriz 02 June 2019

Me ratjes zijn er dol op! De blaadjes worden opgegeten en het zand wordt omgewoeld, dat is de bedoeling!

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