Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg Rabbit Food
Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg Rabbit Food €7,50

Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg Rabbit Food

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Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg Rabbit Food

Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg is a tasty piece that is exactly tailored to the nutritional needs of your rabbit. Thanks to Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg your rabbit will get all the nutrients it needs. In addition, Supreme Selective Rabbit prevents your rabbit from eating food and only chooses his favorite ingredients from the food.

Prevents selective eating in rabbits

Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg is a tasty and balanced diet for rabbits with Anise & Fenugreek. Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg has been specially developed for active adult rabbits (> 4 months). Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg is also suitable for all rabbit breeds.

High fiber content of 25%

Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg contains a high fiber content of 25% . This is an optimal fiber content for rabbits, which promotes digestion and tooth wear. To obtain a quality fiber content, alfalfa (alfalfa) processed in the Selectibe Rabbit is 1.5 kg. Lucerne (alfalfa) is known for its high quality fibers and proteins.

Fibers are good for the digestion of rabbits

The Rabbits digestive system extracts nutrients from grass and other plant foods. This diet is rich in fiber to stay healthy:

  • Fibers feed essential bacteria needed to break down the food in the intestines.
  • Fibers stimulate the normal bowel movement - called peristalsis - to move food through the digestive system
  • Fibers must be well chewed - this helps to keep the teeth healthy.

Fibers keep rabbits busy

Fibers must be well chewed. This takes time and keeps Rabbits busy. Of course, fibers can also be given in the form of hay, which offers additional flavors, textures and possibilities to mimic natural behavior. Supreme recommends to always give hay in addition to food.

Fibers help rabbits to prevent weight gain

A diet with a high fiber content is a healthy choice for rabbits and will help them to stay at the right weight. All fibers in Selective are an added value.

Advantages Omega

Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg contains an excellent ratio of Omega 3 & 6 fats. Only the best and highest quality fats are obtained thanks to the addition of linseed. Linseed is an excellent source of Omega 3 & 6. Omega fatty acids are important for the shine of the coat, the thickness and color intensity and to support healthy skin. Selective contains linseed, a particularly good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

No added sugars

No sugars are added to Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg. Added sugars can damage the teeth and are essentially empty calories - provide no nutritional value and contribute to weight gain and obesity. Obesity in rabbits can lead to digestive problems, problems with the urinary tract, constipation, reduced mobility, metabolic problems and damage to the skin.

Natural Prebiotics

Give the beneficial bacteria in the intestines of your Rabbit a boost by feeding the natural prebiotics in Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg.

The advantages of Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg:

  • Prevents selective eating - a common problem for many rabbits
  • Complete and balanced diet
  • With anise & fenugreek, it makes it extra tasty
  • High fiber content - 19%, with Lucerne (known for its high quality fibers and proteins)
  • Contains linseed - an excellent source of Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and coat
  • Without added sugars to prevent obesity
  • High quality food for satisfied rabbits

Hay and water must always be available

Fixed formula

The recipe of Supreme Selective does not change by ingredient prices. Supreme thinks it's important to keep the recipe stable in order to prevent digestive problems that can arise in the event of a sudden change in nutrition.

Number 1 at Veterinarians

Recent research shows that Vets recommend the entire range of Selective. Veterinarians have also indicated that the fiber content is the most important factor when recommending Rabbit Food. Now that the fiber content of Supreme's Selective Rabbit is 25%, it is the extruded food recommended by veterinarians with the highest fiber content available in the Benelux.

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Supreme Selective Rabbit 1.5 kg Rabbit Food
10 / 10
10 / 10
Larissa 01 February 2019

Het is echt super voer ben er erg blij mee en mijn konijnen ook :-)

10 / 10
Dennis 19 November 2015

Wij geven onze konijnen al jaren Supreme Selective Rabbit. Heel tevreden over deze konijnenvoeding.

10 / 10
Melissa 11 September 2015

Ik gebruik de Supreme Selective Rabbit al sinds een jaar en ben er zeer blij mee. De konijntjes smikkelen er echt van.

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