Knaagdierwinkel® Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood 36 cm
Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood 36 cm €69,99

Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood 36 cm

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Product description

Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood for Chinchillas and Degus!

Let's spoil those Chinchillas with this great Chinchilla Bath House of Aluminum & Wood!

This bathhouse is not just a sandbox, it is a true chinchilla paradise! While the cute animals roll around in the sand, you as a spectator can enjoy the hilarious spectacle. There's nothing more fun than watching them roll around and completely submerge themselves!

Is this sandpit gnaw resistant?

The sandpit itself is made of super sturdy aluminum, which is 100% gnaw resistant. Unfortunately, we cannot say that about the wood on the sides. But don't worry, if you don't leave the bathhouse in the enclosure all the time, the wood won't harm the gnawing chinchillas. We recommend giving the animals at least 15 minutes a day to bathe extensively.

These are the advantages of the Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood 36 cm

Spacious sandpit: The bathhouse gives the animals enough space to enjoy a nice bath
Hilarious viewing pleasure: As a spectator you can fully enjoy the funny spectacle of bathing chinchillas or degus
Sturdy aluminum: The sandpit is made of durable aluminum that is resistant to gnawing, making it long lasting
Stylish Wooden Design: The wooden sides give the bathhouse a beautiful look that will suit any chinchilla enclosure!
Safety: The plexiglass is less fragile than regular glass, so you don't have to worry about accidents

Can you see the animals bathing?

What really makes this bath house special is the amazing plexiglass at the front. It offers you an unparalleled insight into the pleasant bathing fun of these little balls of fluff. And the best part is, plexiglass is not as fragile as regular glass and also easy to clean. Win win!

So what are you waiting for? Give your chinchillas the ultimate bathing experience with this beautiful Chinchilla Bath House made of Aluminum & Wood. Guaranteed fun and a smile on your face!

Is this sandbox suitable for Degus?

Yes, the sandbox is just as good for Degus. However, it is a very spacious sandbox, so if you have the space, the animals will certainly appreciate it! Degus are social animals that like to do things together, they also like to bathe together. With this spacious sandbox that is no problem at all and the animals have enough space. However, degus are real rodents just like Chinchillas, we are not worried about the aluminum, but the wooden parts can be very popular. For that reason we would recommend offering the sandpit to the real rodents under supervision.

Is this sandbox suitable for Gerbils*?

Well in itself it is, but then it is a very spacious sandbox, so if the animals have a LOT of space left in their enclosure, that would certainly be possible. If the Gerbils are tame enough to walk around outside their enclosure, the sandbox can also be offered outside the enclosure.

Material: Aluminum, Plexiglas, Wood
Dimensions (approx): 36 x 26 x 24 cm
Diameter (approx): ø
Suitable for: Rodents, Gerbil*, Chinchilla, Degu
Particularities: We recommend offering the sandbox to the real rodents under supervision
Knaagdierwinkel® Chinchilla Bathhouse Aluminum & Wood 36 cm
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